Stress among working women and ways to deal with it

  • By Sahana Rajan

The primary cause of stress remains the need to indefinitely work throughout the day, at office, and home and attempt to make sure that no one is dissatisfied - for disappointment from parents, husband, children, or the boss implies that you have failed to succeed in your goals. If you are facing a crisis of this form, it is time to remember that you are doing your best. Psychologist Tarun Shinde says, 'I have never met a working woman who hasn't done her best to make sure office and home are both taken care of. So, do not let anybody reduce your self-esteem. If you feel that you are not being efficient in your work or at home, take a break, sit down, and write about it. Even thinking about it would help you to figure out the source of stress.' Don't worry, it is alright to be overwhelmed by the demands of the world and to simply want to take a break from it.

Another cause of stress among working women remains the lack of support from their spouses. While working women are glad to work at home after coming back from office, they feel upset that their husbands do not lend a hand in the kitchen or other household tasks. The idea that domestic labor is primarily the work of the wife is still embedded to a great extent in the mindset of men. Women often do not disclose this worry because they fear that their husbands might get defensive and say that the only reason she is complaining is because she isn't interested in taking care of the house and children anymore. There can be other equivalent responses. How do you deal with a situation like this?

The key to any issue in a marital relationship is communication. It is the building block of relationship counseling. Men are often resistant to the idea of talking about 'relationship stuff.' Men often suppress their emotions because of the belief that they are supposed to be strong and not emotional at all. So, tell your partner that you are a friend and talk to him. Tell him about your physical limitations - aches in the body or anything worrying you about the office. Sharing interesting things about your day will light up and keep your relationship stable with your partner. However, if communication does not help and he continues to not understand the need to share household responsibilities, then it is time to consider counseling.

Women who work in offices are met with strict deadlines, which increases the need to stay back at office. Working for long hours affects the eyes and body negatively. The pressure of a forthcoming deadline also leads to great stress. If you find yourself working on a tough project, then remember that your work would suffer if your health deteriorates.

There are three aspects of a healthy body: balanced diet, sleep, and exercise. If you do not pay attention to any one of them, your body will be prone to a high number of medical ailments. You also must keep in mind that the brain is much a like a machine with neurons. It is necessary to not overstrain it and take appropriate rest between the long hours of continuous work.

While you work hard and also take steps to make your home a wonderful place, do not forget 'yourself.' One of the best recreational options available today is weekend getaways. You can find a place within 350 km of your base and simply get away to it. Many women also love to travel alone, though security becomes an issue. Don't forget to go out on dates with your spouse. Monotony begins to bring in boredom which can strain your relationship with those you love. This can also cause undue stress.

When you are free, go and watch a movie with a friend; take your kids to the zoo, and all that you want is rest, then pay heed to your body’s wish. Do not compromise on your bodily and mental needs in order to fulfill the demands of work and home. Take some time out for yourself every day when you can do something you like, reading, listening to music, knitting, playing with your pet, or others. Go out with your friends on a ladies' night every week - dance, laugh, and enjoy!