Viagra for women!!

  • By Sahana Rajan

Published in The Journal of American Medical Association, the effect of Viagra on sexual health of women consuming anti-depressants was mentioned. It was found that those women who took Viagra instead of placebo have a greater probability of arousal. The Viagra primarily increases the intensity and duration of the orgasm. However, every test related to sexual health of women and Viagra warns one of the non efficacy of Viagra in case of emotional problems.

In men, the consumption of Viagra is generally followed by the increase in blood flow to the genital region which would result in swelling of the penile tissue. However, through medical research on the inhibition of enzyme which deteriorates the pelvic blood flow in women, it was found that other factors apart from the blood flow play a critical role in arousing women. The prime factor is the mental and emotional background within which the sexual act occurs. Viagra is seen as a great help for those who are facing sexual issues due to physical disabilities or side effects of their other medications. However, in cases where there are emotional and mental issues, Viagra might not be the ideal solution.

While men who consume Viagra face side effects like headaches, muscle pain, skin flush, and indigestion along with cases of priapism and rare visual disturbances, the impact of Viagra on female body has not been comprehensively sketched yet, and thus, it is estimated that women might undergo side-effects similar to men and others as well. Beta-blockers including propranolol, atenolol, acebutolol, bisoprololfumarate, metoprolol, and carvedilol should not be used along with Viagra.

While doctors have recommended the changing of antidepressants and reduction in its does in some cases as an alternative to use of Viagra, Dr. Lisa Turner mentions ways to increase emotional strength of the relationship, automatically triggering the sexual libido. She puts forward trying out a week-long ban on the bedroom. The other ways to stimulate the sexual quotient of your relationship is to read an erotic novel and sexually oriented exercises. One of the main aspects to ensure sexual well-being in a relationship is the need to create space and time for one another such that the sexual act may lead to a greater probability of resulting in an orgasm in women.Use of toys and accessories including sensually arousing clothing like lacy stockings and hold-ups, as well as a pair of knickers can give a boost to your sexual urge and your emotional relationship. You can also try out a change in location to catalyze your sexual urges. Lastly, many sex therapists state that the most important character of a sexual component in an emotional relationship is its spontaneity which seems to flutter away as the relationship progresses. Thus, it becomes important to not let sex become a routine, but be swung by the emotions of relationships spontaneously.