Sex during Periods

  • By Team TDO

Opting to have sex is a choice that both partners have to make.

On the brighter side, sex at the time of menses may help provide pain relief from cramps or painful menses as feel-good hormones are released during sex and orgasm. It may shorten period by a few days, even if the periods are normal, healthy, but the additional contractions of uterus during orgasm might help to shed your menstrual blood faster, thus finishing your period a bit sooner.

However sex is off-limits during that time of the month for most of the women as being intimate feels unclean and messy and hence they might not feel comfortable doing it at the time.

Tips for clean menstrual sex:

  1. Be prepared with a towel on the bed or under the pelvic area. A warm, wet, wash cloth will help freshen up with afterwards.
  2. Position properly. Woman lying on her back will bleed less. Use a cervical cap or diaphragm to protect you from pregnancy as well as lessening menstrual bleeding during sex by covering the cervix.

Tips for safe menstrual sex:

  1. It should not be unprotected sex. You can still contract infection. This may not apply to monogamous couples who have been together for a long time in a committed relationship.
  2. Though uncommon, pregnancy is possible even during menstruation.