Rediscover your feminine self

  • By Team TDO

Age-old myths or beliefs have always shown women in lesser light. She is the quintessential mother figure - all sacrificing with no right to speak her mind. Her life revolves around her lords and masters - the male members of the family. The article is in no way meant to be a hard-core feminist one. ‘Being female’ or feminine is not about being less powerful. It is about reclaiming the vital female connection within, which you and hundreds and thousands of women might have lost in your busy routine.

Over the years, women seem to have moved away from all things natural, spontaneous, creative, and beautiful! In short- all things female! Then to survive in the ‘Dog eat Bitch world’, women have really taken up the cudgels against males in reinforcing their rights and privileges of being recognized for who they are. ‘Feminism’ is the advocacy of rights of women, and yes most modern women carry themselves rather admirably in every conceivable field previously reserved “exclusively for men.”

However, somewhere in this chaos the real woman in you is crying to be heard. This voice of the inner female has nothing to do with your struggles against males or gender biases. It is just that something which prods you or nudges you to “just be” and experience the woman within you. It is that side of you who no one can ever dominate over or blemish – it is the essence of the universe - the beautiful natural female self, which is a microcosm of this beautiful universe. Let us understand few of the abilities we would like to rediscover within ourselves.

Revitalize the creative instinct

Creativity and female could well be synonymous. After all, don’t females use these creative faculties in decorating their homes or in cooking or even using their imagination to tell stories to their young ones? What is perceived be mundane and perfectly simple, is in fact original and creative. So reestablish your creative connections. Take up painting, sketching, ceramics, or embossing as that could give you a unique direction to channelize your ‘feminine energies.’ Taking up an art form will help you come closer to your true nature-the divine feminine.

Travel and connect with places far and near

Nobody can fully understand the mystery of nature and all of God’s creations; however, what you can do is allow yourself to indulge your mind completely on the wonders and marvels that are there right in front of us. The pollution and fast paced life of the urban world might have taken you away from the exquisiteness of Mother Nature. Be the adventurous female and get on your bike or car and go on long drives just to see if you can see something inspiring, something different and something fulfilling. It could just mean spending some time looking at a rainbow or a green field; whatever it is, it will enrich and rejuvenate your inner self.


Meditation is the best way to connect to your inner soul, so try to practice that. Through meditation you can get over your pains and worries and start off afresh in your life. Not to forget, your power to think and abilities of concentration are revived considerably because of meditation.

Stay fit and eat healthy

Managing a house, rearing children, looking after work and family can take a toll on you. It is thus necessary to look after oneself. You need to follow a workout regime, be it a session at the gym or workout session at home. You can start off with yoga and meditation or even jogging or morning walks are a great way to stay healthy. Do anything that catches your fancy, but stick to it regularly and consistently. A good diet chart can be very helpful, but if you cannot manage that you can even make one of your own. Include lots of green vegetables in your diet; milk is essential for your body’s calcium needs as well. Avoid junk food as far as possible, but a weekend “cheat day” for all the spicy food you relish is absolutely allowed.

Look good and feel good

Dressing up well can give a boost to your personality. By virtue of being a woman you always know what to wear and how to look good. Go on a shopping spree once in a while to get things you want to wear. Makeup is your domain, so try to wear the necessary amount always. Doing thing you love will always make you feel happy and looking good will give you the confidence needed to conquer anything in the world.

Pamper yourself

Routines can leave you tired and antsy, so try and take a day off from your routine to give your body up to a delicious spa indulgence. Your body needs to be relaxed for you to have the enthusiasm to work. Try to pamper yourself as much as you can. If you don’t want to go far, you can always treat yourself at home too. Take care and relax your body. You will feel ‘fresh and kicking’ the next time you hit your routine life.

So try and do all that you have forgotten in your daily chores. Home, office, family are your life, but remember you are your best pal at all times. So, try to spend time with just yourself and feel the happiness and joy of loving yourself and feeling the feminine touch.