Tips for women to look beautiful on a New Year’s Eve

  • By Team TDO

For all those beautiful ladies, it could well be the end of their world, if they are not turned out right for the New Year’s Eve. So here we are, just in time, to give you those invaluable insights into how you can give this New Year’s Eve your smashing best! Look smashing, Feel smashing! And be smashing! Absolutely spiffy!

The Devil May Wear Prada you wear your attitude!

Supposedly, we should be telling you how to pick up the latest ‘Manish Malhotra’, Pierre Cardin or Dior designs that will be oh-so-perfect for your New Year’s Eve, but since we believe in Brand YOU, we won’t even go there. So in case you are a brand conscious lady then you probably have looked through their websites too (giving your dad/husband sleepless nights!) Anyway, whether you go in for a label or not remember few things that trail.

Keep the venue in mind and dress accordingly. If it is just going to be a terrace get-together, then wearing a short skirt will be eye appealing but could get a wee bit freezing too.

If it is a dance party that you are going to, then keep in mind that there are going to be those weird psychedelic lights or bright lights and the dress that you choose then should allow you to be seen. So choose a party dress that is a bit on the brighter side. A wine red to bring out the femme fatale aspect or maybe even short light pink strapless and multicolored sequins could add a dash of oomph to your figure.

Ok so you are the modest types, then how about a one shoulder bare look for the New Year? Provided that you have elegant shoulders you could be the “Queen of the Ball” by draping yourself in a ‘one shoulder cocktail party wear.’

A New Year’s party is supposed to be also a fun event (other than bringing the competitive spirit in you!) So if having fun is on the agenda and you are the jeans and white Levi’s kind of girl, then this is a ‘no brainer,’ slip in to a pair of jeans and wear an angelic white top or even a embroidered white shirt with a denim half jacket. With the right eye makeup and your hair loose you will be the “Girl Next door drives me crazy” or the soul of the party.

If the party is a formal one with colleagues and bosses then that calls for some smart dressing. A smart full sleeved V neck in black can make heads turn and remind your bosses that you are indeed due for your promotion.

A crisp white sleeveless full length evening gown can be ideal if this is a celebrity studded party where it is most likely to be appreciated.

There are always going to be things that you can only wish you could wear but dare not! In that case how you carry yourself or carry your attitude will be the best possible dress for you in the New Year. Wear your confidence and wear it well and it doesn’t matter if you dress like a diva or teenage pop star!

Cinderella’s Shoe...Footwear for the New Year

Well one thing that can make or break the type of dress that you use is the footwear that you choose. Much like the guy you bring along to the party, your footwear is for all eyes to see. And more than the male eye, your footwear will undoubtedly come under the scrutiny of the female eye too, so you want that to be perfect don’t you?

Don’t wear high heels or stilettos if you are not used to them for it could be a perfect disaster for you to injure yourself before the New Year dawns.

Whether you go in for pumps or platforms remember they should not be too tight because while you want to look hot you don’t want to wince or suffer from shoe bite or sandal strap rash before the night is through.

Even if your dress is a wee bit on the sober side, your choice of footwear can transform your appearance considerably. So for your designer outfit, you can go a little over the top with some glittery silver footwear which will be noticed as you swirl on the dance floor or match steps with that special gent as you do the tango.

If leather is your theme for the evening then ‘Biker Girl’ go on wear those heavy suede zipper boots and really go in for the kill.

Party slippers with embellishments like a huge silver carnation can add to your beauty. Only problem is that very few women can really carry such outrages well, so have a rehearsal and take at least 2 objective opinions.

Hot is in the Eyes and the Hair too!

Well sometimes even the most expensive labels fail to make you the soul of the party just because the vitality in your natural accessories goes missing. Yes, I mean your eyes!

Use your eyes to your advantage. That’s Victoria’s Secret for looking hot this New Year. The hair comes next in line for the hotness index.

A simple eyeliner or eye shadow can do wonders to augment your dress and beauty.

To be more provocative, make sure you add some light gold reflective glitter for the evening. Dry or wet glitter, the choice is yours.

You are bound to work up a sweat as the evening wears on so don’t forget your eye or mascara should be smudge resistant.

Go in for a face primer and work on your eyes first and then apply judiciously to the rest of the face.

Hair styles could do with a bit of preparation at least a day before the event. No matter what hairstyle you choose, it should be consistent with your overall appearance i.e. dress, footwear and over all attitude.

If you want to show off your elegant neck or that platinum brooch with a ten carat ruby, then it makes sense to have your hair tied up elegantly in a bun or you could even go in for a deep side parting.

By all means, let your hair down but don’t forget to carry some mousse just in case they get unruly or worse if you get champagne in your hair and it gets all sticky. A hair net can help in a quick change of hair style before the party is over.