Tips for working moms to spend quality time with their children

  • By Suman Singh

Remember just like your office work is important, your children are equally important. If you are able to keep this in mind then once you reach home, you will leave your worries at the office and devote time to your children. Make it a routine to give your children a warm hug the moment you come home. They will feel loved and will know that you have missed their presence as much as they have missed yours.

While having your tea, discuss their day with them. Ask them what they did at school? What homework they have? Ask them if they liked their tiffin. You will know what you should put into their tiffin boxes so they would feel mom cares. Once you finish your tea, allow them to sit on your lap or cuddle up to you if they want. Don’t push them away even if you are tired as that is their ‘own’ time with you. Tell them a little about your office, at least the bit they can understand. Let them know the names of your colleagues like you know the names of their friends. Let them show you what they did at school during lessons. Listening is important for you will be able to catch if anything is wrong. Talking creates a bond and children must know you will listen when they talk or they will stop communicating if you don’t. That would be really sad.

High percentages of parents say that caring for children is the most meaningful way they spend their time.

Sometimes the best time for interaction comes when you are in the kitchen. Let your children be around you when you are preparing dinner. Let them also help with the preparations. Give them a safe task like getting things out of the fridge or getting the cooking utensils out of the cupboards. Give them a cleaning task to do or ask them to lay the table. Children love that. Don’t shoo them out of the kitchen because they could get hurt. Instead let them feel important that they are helping mom. When they grow up, they will look back on that time as one of the best times they had.

Roughly 56% moms feel they are not giving their children enough time.

Mornings are always busy and as a working mom, you have no time to spare. However, when you go to wake up the children don’t just say, "hurry up you’ll be late,"spend 5 to 10 minutes with them. Ruffle their hair, give them a morning kiss, or tickle them. They will love you forever for those extra minutes you spend with them at waking time. Children are not asking for your time, but for your love and attention. These small routine actions let them know that mom loves them even if she works.

Doing some fun stuff together is a great way to connect, to get to know your children’s interests, and they yours. It is also the best time to build their character and teach them life skills. So, do grocery shopping together. The ‘in the car’ atmosphere allows your children to speak their heart. Run, walk, or exercise together. Watch cartoon or children’s TV or play some board or video game together. These provide opportunities to the children to be heard and for you to listen so you know your children’s doubts and can help them to get over weaknesses and build their strengths.