5 exercises for sexual bliss!

  • By Team TDO

Yes, it is indeed important for every man to give his best to his partner, and in these days of stress and sedentary lifestyles more and more males are lagging behind in the pleasure giving department and run several breaths too short to make it to the finishing line. Some of them turn completely cerebral thinking they are too old for sex, while still others give up in plain disgust.

Good health is the key to most male woes about stamina and sheer staying power. Just regular gym workouts may give a male a great body to have and hold, but that’s not much use if it just splutters and dies out in bed now isn’t it? So here are 5 saviors to make you the knight of delight once more!

  1. The Dip for the Missionary man

    If your woman makes you do all the work then you are going to need help here! The most conventional of sex positions is the missionary position and don’t let that put you in an awkward position. What is the need of the hour is muscular endurance, and here’s where the modest dip works miracles.

    Keep your palms about an elbow length apart.
    Balance your body on your palms and toes.
    Push your head forward so that the palms are placed slightly at the mid-rib cage level and form a perfect triangle with the top of your head.
    Inhale and without bending at the knee dip the chest down to the floor.
    Press back into upright position and repeat in sets.

    You may be able to lift impressive poundage, but when it comes to doing about 50 press-ups or dips - even giants crumble. Dips work not just the chest muscles and the arms but also exercise the entire abdominal wall. This can help you have great staying power in bed and also help have sensational orgasms.

    For best results do 3 sets a day followed by a hold position where you dip down and stop midway for about 30 counts without bending at the knees.

  2. The Pull Up helps you keep more than a chin up

    The single bar, as it is called, is the most ignored but the best yielding of all strength and endurance exercises. Get hold of a vertical bar which is a good 3-4 inches over your head so you will have to jump to get a grip. Now there are two options - you either stay in a straight position for a count of 30-60 seconds or perform the chin-up - which is pushing the body up so that the chin meets the bar and down again. Mind you, the chin up should come from the shoulders and back muscles without any jerky movements or leg jerks to push the body up. In this exercise, the body is working against gravity, and so that gives you not just a great back to look at, but also the shoulders and chest to give you sheer staying power.

    You can also exercise the pelvis by trying leg raises when you grip the bar. Try and raise both legs to a straight position and soon you will discover how delightful this exercise is to for toning of the pelvis, abdomen, buttocks. It will help you keep your chin really up all the way until you finish.

  3. Step Running - one step away from powerful erections

    Using a stairway can be the best possible exercise for your sex life. More than a regular jog, step training gives you a better cardio-vascular workout and exercises most small muscle groups in the buttocks and thighs which a routine run won’t quite touch. Hill climbing or working out on an incline is good too, but stadium steps work outs are the best.

    Set the timer for about 15 minutes to repeat continuously. You can then challenge yourself to run backwards up the stairs or do the two legged hop by keeping the back absolutely straight. Just 2-3 workouts a week are enough to send the blood pounding in the right places. A step workout gives a rigorous workout to the lower parts of the body and keeps the heart ticking away healthily. The lower abdomen and the entire groin area can greatly benefit by this. It can also help the blood flow to the penis by giving better erections that last longer.

  4. The Standing Forward Bend - look forward to drive her around the bend

    When you are through with a strenuous work out, then here is a pose that can relax you and work wonders for your sex life. Just stand straight and look ahead. Raise your hands straight above your head and take a few deep breaths. Now keeping the legs ramrod straight bend forwards from the waist and get your hands down on the floor. Try and touch your palms on the floor besides your feet. If that doesn’t happen easily due to a stiff back, go far as your flexibility will allow you with no strain. Gradually the back muscles will yield and you will be able to rest your forehead to your knees without bending them.

    Raising the hands above your head and then doing the bend ensures that the waist is elongated and the back assumes a concave shape, which will exercise the abdomen to the hilt. Try and draw in the abdomen, as much as you can, and hold the pose for at least a minute. The forward bend cures mild depression, if held for more than 2 minutes, and gives a gentle massage to the heart while toning the abdominal organs and the pelvis. The sex organs and the prostate, all benefit greatly by this exercise.

  5. The Breast Stroke is indeed a great stroke

    Swimming can be just what the doctor ordered for a great sex life. Regular swimming can build up stamina, endurance and muscle power and a healthy self-image. Swimming benefits just about everything - right from skin complexion to a healthy body image, all which are so very important for a great sex life. The powerful lungs that swimming develops can work wonders between the sheets. Swimming a gentle breast stroke for about 45 minutes, at a steady pace, thrice a week is enough to make a great lover out of you. And swimming is absolutely easy on the joints too. The resistance offered by water gently exercises the waist and can improve the blood flow to the vital organs including the most vital for a man - the penis.