Mature up about premature ejaculation

  • By Team TDO

Psychological factors

Premature ejaculation can result from temporary depression, anxiety, stress or financial tensions, impractical expectations regarding performance, history of sexual suppression, or lack of confidence. Interpersonal relations play a part in sexual function. Premature ejaculation can result from lack of communication, hurting the feelings, conflicts and lack of emotional intimacy.

Performance anxiety plays important role in many cases, and sometimes even extreme arousal can lead to premature ejaculation sometimes.

There are some unconfirmed theories too which suggest that premature ejaculation is a consequence of stagnant sexual energy.

Physical factors

Ejaculation consists of two phases of physical activity, emission and expulsion.

The first phase of emission includes deposition of seminal fluid in posterior urethra. Expulsion phase is second one which involves bladder neck closure with rhythmic contractions of the urethra. Any problem with either of these can cause premature ejaculation.

Although researches have been conducted to study genetic link with premature ejaculation, the results have been largely inconclusive.