Gay area: What happens and where

  • By Team TDO

Depending on what part of the world you live in, ‘Being Gay’ could either be a ‘no-eyebrows-raised’ kind of situation or the extreme opposite i.e. ‘stay-right-in-the-closet’! It is indeed happy and gay times for most homosexual people with more governments choosing to recognize ‘Gay Rights and Privileges’ and according equal status to gay people. So what exactly does gay sex mean? Male with male or female with female… how different is it from the conventional heterosexual intercourse?

A quickie on gay sex:

Anal stimulation and anal sex

Among males, gay sex there is often a dominating male or ‘On-top’ who functions as the conventional male. He is the one who prefers to penetrate the submissive or the bottom gay male. Anal sex is something that people across orientations practice but it seems to be associated more with gay sex. At times, there are no rigid top or bottom roles as both partners might choose to play either role. Sometimes the gay couple might just indulge in stimulating the anal.

Oral sex

Oral Sex is just like the oral sex in heterosexual sex. Only difference is that both partners have the same genitalia.

Lesbians are two women having sex and it is uncanny that though lesbians are wired emotionally and sexually to have intercourse with women they often need an artificial penis (strap-on dildo or soft toys) to penetrate the vagina.

So we suppose no matter what type of sex one has the basics in nature - the duality ‘yin and yang’… ‘male’ and ‘female’ are expressed, albeit in different ways.

Getting back to lesbian sex, remember it doesn’t have to be penetrative sex always. Lesbian couples can indulge in a variety of acts like oral sex, mutual masturbation, sharing a dildo to stimulate the anus or the vagina etc.

Needless to say TLC is an inherent need of both heterosexuals and homosexual people as well so kissing, cuddling & foreplay is also a part of the sexual repertoire of gay people. Some homosexual people could also be bisexual which means capable of having sex with both male and female(not necessarily at the same time). So whether being homosexual or not, one thing is for sure the danger of STDs and sex related infections is common to all orientations though it is a popularly held notion that only gay people contract AIDS through anal sex. Heterosexuals too can be in for a nasty surprise, so always play safe before indulging.