Get your lady aroused - Top 5 pleasure points of female orgasm

  • By Team TDO

There have always been more myths than facts attached to female orgasm. Everyone has a different insight to share on the same, but the realities are far from what is true, the most general being that orgasms can occur only during the intercourse or it can happen only by stimulation of the clitoris. Well, the truth is "female orgasm" can happen by stimulation at other non-genital body parts as well.

Most women can experience orgasms during sexual intercourse, but for some others it might take that extra bit to help them feel the orgasm with pleasurable intensity. If exploring what feels good is right down your alley, then here are 5 routes to get you there.

  1. Breasts and nipples :
    Fondling of breasts and sucking the nipples is one of the most common parts of foreplay, but for some women it can get them to planet ecstasy in no time at all. A gentle touch of the breasts itself can trigger a route to orgasm for most women according to a research. More than the breasts, it is the nipples which are the most sensitive triggers.

  2. Navel (Belly Button) :
    It is said that touching a lady's navel or clitoris gives almost similar pleasures or stimulations as these two are interlinked neurologically. Thus, this becomes the most sought after part for triggering an orgasm in women. Moving one's fingers over the naval area or planting a kiss on the navel can send the woman’s pulse racing..

  3. Lips :
    The most underrated areas for the pressure points of female orgasm, but the most effective ones' as well. Studies suggest that passionate kissing can as well act as a trigger for orgasm in few women. Just touching or a gentle caress on the lips or the face at times can arouse a girl sexually so much that she can have an orgasm. That sure must save her man much effort if an orgasm can be triggered by virtue of a kiss.

  4. Neck :
    The neck can also be a good pressure point to help a woman aroused. By pressure point, we don't mean strangulation (though some women get turned on by even that, and more BDSM!) We mean a gentle caress on the neck under the ear lobes and thereabouts. Even a peck there can set the juices flowing in the right direction. The flip side is that this could make a woman attract Count Dracula!, pun intended!

  5. The toes :
    Kissing and sucking the toes of girls is an all-time favorite foreplay move, but who would have ever taught it could be a trigger to an orgasm. Licking the toe or sucking it completely can send females to another dimension of pleasure. This, coupled with a few other neat tricks, can really help a woman be in the throes of multiple orgasms, and imagine there are 10 toes, so it only increases the chances of pleasure tenfold!