Playtime: Sex toys and health!

  • By Team TDO

This gets us to the question, what are sex toys and do they pose any health hazards?

Toy Boys move over, here are the new age women with their toys!!

With most human sexual practices being the subject matter of intense study the world over sex toys probably have a special place. Sex toys are named thus as they aid in the sexual act or masturbation . These toys most commonly come in the form of rubber dildoes, vibrators etc. etc.

While you probably will never have your best female friend confessing the fact that they own several of these assortments, the fact remains that most women of the new age have probably contemplated the use of sex toys if not actually calling the teleshopping network for one.

The advantages of sex toys are innumerable. For one, they come in various shapes and sizes which can’t really be done with real men. Two, they never talk back and never roll over and sleep like most men tend to do. So, all in all, sex toys seem to have a distinct advantage over the poor male. Plus the variety is endless for vaginal, clitoral or anal stimulation as the case might be.

What’s even more infuriating for men in general is that some women even use their sex toys while having sexual intercourse.

Double stimulation or double whammy?

Now for the possible health hazards (Other than a jealous boyfriend of course)

Sex toys in most counties are not sold as medical devices but as novelty items so it is difficult to get any sort of governmental regulation on the materials used. Silicone dildoes or vibrators are supposed to be the safest . Glass is also used in some sex toys.

Sex toys are also made of rubber and to give it a soft cushy feeling a substance called Phthalates is used. Sometimes plastic parts can also be used to make up the base of a vibrator ring or device.

Most sex toys are phallic in shape, the materials used have to be absolutely non-carcinogenic and smooth. If there are any rough edges it can cause tearing of tissue leading to infections. As far as possible women should not encourage sharing their sex toys with anyone otherwise it will be ironical to contract an infection or STD from a rubber penis! The colors used to give that sex toy a sexy look can also cause internal infections . Over a period the sex toy can deteriorate and lose shape.

According to Dr Travis Stork a physician and authority on the subject avers that sex toys can be a concern if not sued hygienically and also recommends the use of condoms on the sex toy device apart from keeping it really clean.

The PVC or plastic and other materials is capable of cause diseases sometimes. So just as in real sexual intercourse as women would take the necessary precautions, sex toys should also be used with a fair amount of discretion.