Relaxing while having sex: Letting go

  • By Team TDO

Let’s go to the basic principle of lovemaking–the art of letting go of all that is bothering you and being completely absorbed in the act. At the cost of sounding pompous, we really consider it a tragedy of our times where all of us have to take ‘lessons in love’, when it should be all so natural and spontaneous right? The key lies in the fact that you need to relax rather than get tense, which is the first reaction, in case of emotions surfacing.

Getting back to the point, you are a woman missing the spice or a man missing the spoon, with all the 50 shades of blue-grey and miserable thrown in? Remember how you get to the Big O regularly depends on how well you can relax and let go! Here’s how you can make that happen!

Talk yourself out: Talk about what floats your boat with your partner. Don’t worry if it sounds a little crazy or scary. Remember, you don’t have to try out everything that you talk about.

Do not be self-conscious all the time: Being uninhibited is to stop worrying what your partner might think all the time. There are ways about making your demands like act extra coy and demure. That way it will be difficult to not comply with what and how you want it.

Use nice aromatic oils or baths bubbles: This will help body and mind relax and feel fresh. Nice scents also help the body and mind open up to new possibilities. So Lavender, Rosemary or Wild Rose? Take your pick.

Remember why you are doing this? Not because it is your god given duty or true calling, but because it is natural, healthy and can ease out hundreds of ailments from your body. Even married women sometimes look at sex as some form of perverted pass-time when not indulged in to make babies. It is exactly what stops them from yielding to the sheer pleasure of it. Sex is a great way to bond with your mate.