Reasons for skipping sex

  • By Team TDO

The most important satisfaction brick in a marriage’s foundation, sex is where we show the greatest trust, most openly express intimacy and make ourselves most vulnerable.

It is the most personal and private area of our relationship. It is the one area that separates this relationship from all others. Yet, there are times for both husbands and wives when sex becomes a burden and not a blessing, an inconvenience instead of intimacy, and a job instead of jubilee.

Curious as to why people might be skipping sex?

This is only a partial list and far from exhaustive.

Reasons related to your body:

  1. I have a migraine.
  2. I have a stomachache.
  3. My body is too tired.
  4. My breasts are too sore.
  5. I am too sleepy. I can't keep my eyes open.
  6. I just need to take a little nap first.
  7. Okay, but I have a rash.
  8. Okay, but I have several weird looking cold sores.

Reasons related to your emotions:

  1. I am depressed.
  2. I am worried.
  3. I am sad.
  4. Cry

Reasons related to your kids:

  1. The kids are still up.
  2. We might wake up the kids.
  3. I just had a baby.
  4. This baby is wearing me out.

Reasons related to your experts:

  1. My therapist said I need to give myself some time.
  2. My counselor said I should create some boundaries.
  3. I have to see my Gynecologist tomorrow.
  4. The Doctor gave me these sleeping pills for stress and I just took one.

Reasons related to your spouse:

  1. Who was that girl / guy you were talking to on the phone?
  2. Sex, Sex, Sex All you ever want is sex! Why can't you just hold me?
  3. You should have asked in a more romantic way!
  4. Why do you have to use such crude language?

Reasons related to your weather:

  1. It's just too hot.
  2. It's just too cold.
  3. It's too humid.

Reasons related to your economy:

  1. When the economy improves.
  2. When the interest rates go down.
  3. When inflation goes down

Reasons related to your special circumstances:

  1. We just got back from vacation!
  2. When I lose 20 kgs.

Reasons related to your friends:

  1. I need to make a call first.
  2. My friend said they only do it once a month.

Reasons related to your pets:

  1. The dog can see us.
  2. The cat is on the bed.

Reasons related to your finances:

  1. Okay, but first we need to talk about the bills.
  2. Why did you charge this hotel room on our credit card?

Reasons related to your job or boss:

  1. I have to get up early tomorrow.
  2. I was up all night last night.
  3. I had a long day at work today.
  4. The boss just gave me a new project and I have a lot of work to do

Reasons related to your religion:

  1. Doesn't the Bible warn against having too much sex.
  2. I am sorry, but I just took a vow.
  3. I am giving up sex for Lent.

Reasons related to your in-laws:

  1. We are in your parent's house.
  2. I have not been able to concentrate since your mother
  3. Your parents will hear us.

Offer an alternative:

  1. Can I just take care of you in the shower?
  2. Okay, but you have to drive the kids to school in the morning.

Use evasive tactics:

  1. Sneak in and go to sleep early.
  2. Okay, but let's watch this movie first.
  3. It's just too late.
  4. I'll be there in a minute. (Take an hour)
  5. Can we just cuddle? I just need you to hold me.

Ask a sensitive question:

  1. Did you go to the bank and make our deposit today?
  2. Have you seen the kid’s report cards?
  3. Wait for your spouse to tease you and then say coldly, well, you just lost whatever you were going to get tonight.