10 tips to improve intimacy

  • By Team TDO

Generally, relationships fall prey to practicalities of life.We need to build our careers, a home, a secure future, and so on and so forth. Before you know it, you are like those couples who just live together and are not actually connected. Time to pull up your socks and work towards winning your love all over again!

Standing on the roadside and watching other couples cuddling and enjoying each other’s’ company can only make you more hopeless.You need to work towards your perfect relationship and to get the charm right back in it. Try a few simple steps and you will surely be the new hot duo on the block!

  1. Look into my eyes!
    When was the last time you gave your spouse that special look? Once upon a long time ago, only looks were enough to understand what the heart wanted, wasn’t it? Now all your collective pairs of eyes do is glare at each other! The eye contact shows the emotionaland mental connect a couple has even without any sort of words being uttered out in the relationship. Just look in your spouses’ eyes and make him/her feel that you are still as much in love and are still as connected to them as you were before. This shall help you in building a level of trust as well which is the cornerstone of any relationship always.
  2. The love & the sex!
    Have you become the couple who have sex once a week and that too just for the heck of it? If you gave a nod to that one, it’s time to work hard on a few things now. Having sex is surely a physical need, but at the same time, it’s a way to express your love and want for your partner as well. Try and make your partner feel that you still love him/her and are still into the relationship as intimately as before. Some men who doze off immediately after a nice intimate encounter- beware! You could well be putting your relationship off to sleep. So cuddle, kiss, and whisper sweet nothings, but don’t doze off. This shall make your partner feel special all over again and when you eventually sleep- it will be a deep, sound, guiltless sleep.
  3. The morning romances!
    Getting up in the morning and running in the house to get ready for office is a daily mundane activity, try to spice it up a bit with your early morning romances. Try to get cuddly and romantic before getting ready for work, make plans for the evening outings, and if not, then just try to enjoy each other’s company as a couple for a while. Plan a breakfast treat for your spouse; this might make them feel special as well. In the end, try to drop them to work as well and don’t forget that passionate kiss before the bye as well.
  4. Sharing & Caring
    Do you tell each other what all you did in the entire day and what were the high points of your day instead of just answering in monosyllables – how was your day? Usual. Try to share what all you did today and what are the things in your mind. This helps building the trust in the relationship and also helps in sharing a bond and a mental connect. Try making this a habit to take out some time to spend in a day to talk about each other’s work and life as well.
  5. No Alterations!
    We all have an idea of the perfect guy and girl we wanted to end up with, but most of the time our partners do not fit that image. However, we still fall for them as we want them and love them the way they are, so stop making your partner the closest replica of your dream spouse. He/she is the best for you is the bottom-line for all discussions. This way you will not emotionally torture yourself and also make your partner feel that you love them completely.
  6. Watching your back!
    Along with the physical security, your partner will always need that emotional stability from you. Whenever your spouse faces a dilemma, the first person he/she will look for an opinion is from you. If at that time you show them that it’s solely their decision, then they will always feel left out and alone. Try and let them know that whatever happens and whatever path they chose, you will always be there to watch out for them in any circumstances. This will increase your emotional connect with your partner and help your partner to cope up with everything.
  7. Mixing work with pleasure
    Surely, in the office nobody can carry out their romances as you can do it at home, but you can also steal time for each other by coming out with a common interest which both of you can practice together. The options are plenty: From a general gym session to jogging or sports. Try and follow it just to enjoy each other’s company rather than to play against each other. This will give you the needed time you were searching for being together.
  8. Down the memory lane
    Eventually, there is no surprise left in the relationship as we get to know everything, right from silly insignificant things to quirks and idiosyncrasies. It will be a good idea to go down the memory lane to see how many things you can remember about each other. It could be absolutely trivial things like getting wet in the rain together about ten years ago, but refreshing those memories can also help keep a relationship going.
  9. A romantic getaway!
    You do not need to plan everything you do. Act spontaneously and take your spouse for a drive or take a day off to visit a new place that you have wanted to see for a long time. Spend a day there in a motel or inn and try to feel the togetherness. Laughter, love, lust, passion; all the emotions which fade away in the daily life can be rejuvenated during such outings, always.
  10. Hold my hand!!
    If you have not done it from quite some time then here is your chance to do it. Walk down the road holding each other’s hand. This may be a simple and small thing, but the effects are enormous. Holding each other’s hand not only does reinforce a relationship, but also gives the partners the mental and emotional security that your spouse will still hold you even if everything else goes wrong.


Well, there is no hard and fast rule that the above points are the only ones to be followed to increase your intimacy levels. You can come up with your ideas which can get you back in the game! So try to think and come up with new ways of wooing your spouse back.