The secret to have a great sex life

  • By Team TDO

Many misguided people believe that sex is all about what happens below the belt. However sex involves the total body and sexual functioning is influenced by physical fitness, nutritional balance and chemical substances present in the body. The individual who is run-down, out of shape, not eating properly, or overindulging in alcohol will begin to see an impact on his or her sex life.

Some common sense approaches to keep in shape for sex will help, provided you do not believe that these suggestions will give you results overnight. As with anything that affects our bodies, noticeable results show up only after several weeks of consistent use.

Are there any foods that will make you sexy?

For centuries, people have been searching for quick-acting love potions. Everything from garlic and eggs to bananas has been recommended. Most nutritionists and sexologists agree that whatever effects these foods have on sex life are determined by your head; if you think it's going to work, it mostly does. In fact, there is no known food or chemical that actually has a direct effect on the improvement of sexual functioning.

However good nutrition is important to good health and that healthy body will typically make sex more enjoyable. Watch your waistline. Being overweight not only affects your health, but also makes you feel unattractive. Both can easily affect sex. Eating fast foods consisting of bread, greasy meats or vegetables and wolfing them down in a hurry, are habits that are harmful over the long run.

Nutrition has a direct effect on our glands and nervous systems, both of which play a vital role in sexual activity. Alfred Kinsey has noted that there is a link between nutrition and the frequency of human sexual behavior.

Here are some rules that will improve your sex life:

  1. Eat a well-balanced diet, which includes a selection of carbohydrates, proteins and fats daily.
  2. When trying to lose-weight, avoid crash or fad diets, especially those that do not provide a balance of different nutrients. Set a sensible goal of losing just a few pounds on a weekly or a monthly basis.
  3. Avoid overindulging in foods with a high sugar content.
  4. Eat less of fatty foods and oils unless you get plenty of exercise each day.
  5. Drink plenty of water. Your urine should be nearly clear at least once a day. If it is dark or cloudy, you may not be getting enough liquids.
  6. Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other fibers. More and more evidence is pointing to the importance of fiber in the diet. Multivitamin supplements with B, C and E could be beneficial to sexual health.

Alcohol, drugs and your sex life

Drugs can kill your sexual interest or increase them. They can also knock out a man’s sexual responses, including erection and ejaculation. Most chemical substances tend to interfere with sexual pleasure rather than improve it.

Alcohol and other depressant drugs, in lesser amounts, reduce fear and anxiety and help people to relax. Since relaxation is such an important part of successful sex, the sexual experience may be improved. However, there are many other ways to relax which certainly do not require alcohol. Problems arise when the level of alcohol or drugs in the body increases to a point where it begins to interfere with sexual function. For a man, this may mean erection problems, delayed orgasm or other problems with ejaculation.

Drugs are taken to intensify sex performance. Some drugs do have this effect but invariably they cause harm in the long run.
Amphetamines, cocaine, LSD and a variety of other chemical substances are reported by some users to improve sex. But medical evidence suggests that habitual use or heavy doses of any of them are likely to interfere with sex and of course are risky towards health. Amylnitrite, a medication used for patients with heart trouble is claimed to intensify orgasm if popped at the peak of sexual arousal. However it too may be dangerous, as there are cases of fatal heart attacks following the use of Amylnitrite during intercourse. Nothing can spoil sex more quickly than having always to rely on an outside sub-stance for kicks. Peeling the sensations of the skin and sex organs can duplicate nearly any amount of extra enjoyment a drug might provide.

Body fitness and sex

Our society gives us plenty of opportunity to get out of shape and stay that way — too much food, too much pleasure, not enough rest, and too little exercise. The average man may lack the stamina to run a couple of hundred yards without gasping for breath but most men have the endurance to last through a reasonably strenuous sexual encounter. Nevertheless, if you're out of shape, you don't feel sexy, enjoy your body so much, or have the same amount of energy left for sex after a busy day as someone who is in better shape.

Physical activity is constantly needed to condition the muscles, heart, and the entire circulatory system. Without exercise, the body's balances are disrupted. Weight, blood pressure, heart rate and fat levels in the blood go up, while oxygen consumption, flexibility, efficiency, stamina and probably sexual interests decrease. You may not see noticeable effects on your sex life right away but it is likely that in time you will.

To achieve and maintain physical fitness, you need exercises that get your heart pumping faster and speed up your breathing. Experts recommend running, bicycling or swimming as ideal forms of conditio¬ning exercise. The results will show up before long and you will be living a happier, healthier life.