When dirty talk affects small talk

  • By Team TDO

Sex chatting is a common phenomenon these days. It generally happens over the net or over special phone lines made for the purpose of titillating the caller, while the person at the receiving end of the ‘hot talk’ laughs all the way to the bank.

Sex chatting is a way of letting off steam and it can thus aid the person vent his or her sexual imagery and fantasies, which they probably won’t indulge or realise in real life. The very idea of connecting with another individual and expressing his deepest, darkest and uninhibited sexual desires is what makes sex chatting an addiction and a mental condition.

But it is worth asking the question, what’s wrong with sex talk?

Well sure, nothing wrong with sex chatting if that’s what floats your boat. However the average sex chatter is very often a person who is shy in real life, and is unable to interact and exchange views with the opposite sex. However Mr. Shy Guy is all brave when on the chat line as he knows there is absolutely no danger at all of being laughed at. Plus he can believe that he is satisfying the other person sexually.

Soon the chatter grows tired of chatting with the same person and looks for multiple chat partners who can indulge him in new fantasies. Finally the sex chatting addict finds it extremely difficult to carry out a non-sexual conversation.

So sex chatting is like any other addiction. And the way out is to first recognise that you have a problem, and then take steps to avoid compulsively going off the deep end.

Hence if you are a compulsive sex chatter try diverting your attention to something else. Concentrate on real relationships. You might be pleasantly surprised that if you connect well, your deepest fantasies could well come true. If you are spending way too much money on chat telephone lines then at least budget your expenditure.

If you feel despite taking all these steps you still feel the urge to chat dirty then consult a sex de-addiction centre or meet a counselor. Remember dirty chat or plain chat, it takes acertain courage to admit that you have a problem and it’s never bad or never too late to reach out for help.