Why sexual problems arise

  • By Team TDO

If sex is allowed to happen naturally and in a relaxed way, the body will respond normally without any conscious effort. Common examples of problems or situations that can upset this normal sexual responsiveness are as follows:

Misunderstanding or lack of information about sex; not knowing what to expect or how to act, bad feelings about sex or its consequences; fear of pregnancy or pain; Fear of being caught, overheard or interrupted; fear of failing to perform normally or well; fear of losing control (becoming animal-like, undignified, incontinent or unattractive); fear of the partner losing control; guilt (believing that sex is wrong); disgust (feeling that sex is dirty or messy).

Besides there are other issues like problems in the relationship; feeling angry, bitter or resentful towards the partner; feeling insecure or frightened of being hurt, bad feeling; feeling depressed, worthless, not deserving pleasure; feeling unattractive, unhappy with the body, unsuitable circumstances; feeling too tired, or hurried, or preoccupied with other things; lack of comfort, warmth or privacy, alcohol, some drugs or medicaments; these can interfere with normal responsiveness, though only temporarily. Desire for sex goes when sick or had an accident. It returns gradually as health is regained.