Have sex, stay healthy!

  • By Team TDO

Let the purists and the moral brigade “eat dirt” as there is scientific evidence that links a healthy romp with well-being. You always suspected it, right? That how could something that feels so good be bad!

Here are 10 great reasons for you to set the mood for some bedroom antics.

Building a lean mass: Sexual activity is full of those pleasurable contractions and contortions. As you lovingly gaze into your partner’s eyes, your muscles are relaxing which means your body is unwittingly going through a work out. And when we say work out, we mean your body actually burns calories and that too, most pleasurably. Testosterone is a hormone released while you have sex, and by the time you’re through, your partner has actually contributed to building lean muscle mass for you.

Promoting happiness: Happiness is a thing called serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins which are mood-elevating chemicals. You don’t even have to go to the local drug store for them as they are readily available while having sex (the seminal fluid is full of them). When the vaginal lining absorbs the fluid, it gives you the feeling of joy.

Improving mood: You had better be in the mood for regular sex because sex improves mood. Good mood promotes health. It can stabilize blood pressure, blood sugar levels and also relieve acidity.

Alternative to morning jog: Too bored to go for your early morning jog? Never mind that. Sex can set that right, as you will spend energy having sex which will help your heart pump away more healthily. Sex needs lots of energy, which gets all the muscles pumping. Pumping muscles mean more blood flows to your heart. Increase in blood flow to the heart means a healthier heart.

Keeps your skin glowing: Sex is nature’s glow job! There is increased circulation of blood to every part of the body. This means increased blood to your face and there comes a natural blush and glow on the face. Sex becomes the natural remedy for your glowing skin.

Boosts immunity: Heard of IgA? That is something that makes you immune to infections and sickness. We are sure you are ‘sick for the cure’ already as IgA grows in your bedroom. We mean while having sex your IgA levels automatically increase according to one study. Research has found increased levels of immunoglobulin IgA in persons having regular sex.

Good sleep: Sex promotes healthy sleep patterns. Having sex induces good night’s sleep. The release of oxytocin, a feel good hormone, relaxes body.

Increases self-esteem: Don’t join a personality development class. Sex therapy is much better as research indicates that sexual activity makes a person feel desired and cherished and also improves his self-esteem.

Deepens bonds: Sex helps connect two people deeply and emotionally.Sex deepens intimacy and strengthens the bond between two people. It builds healthy relationship and can be the solution to many relationship problems too.

Natural painkiller: Sex can act as a painkiller.Oxytocin is released which induces amorphine like effect at the time of climax. So sex is no pain and all gain.