Why female orgasms are harder to come by?

  • By Team TDO

Until couple of decades, women avoided talking about sex and their relationship with men in the open. However, with the world getting more liberal, sex-talk is no more a taboo and internet has even more opened better avenues through forums and groups for such discussions. Women now freely talk about their sexual desires, likings and about not having orgasms quickly. A quick run through related forums and groups show that most of the women are worried why they do not get orgasm with every intercourse. There is a simple fact behind this. Men anatomy is naturally designed to have early orgasm during intercourse than female. According to the late Dr. Alfred Kinsey, more than 75 percent men ejaculate within two minutes from penetration in more than half the occasions of sexual encounters, which means that three fourths of the men regularly achieve orgasm. Another research by University of Chicago has stated that only less than a third of women achieve orgasm during the sexual intercourse.

Reasons behind low orgasm rate

A study published in ‘the Journal of Hormones and Behavior’ by Dr. Lloyd and Dr. Wallen under the title ‘Female Sexual arousal: Genital Anatomy and Orgasm in Intercourse’ states that one of the major differences between the orgasm ability of the women and men is that in female the ability to achieve orgasm develops very slowly and is comparatively less predictable. The research further states that as the man moves from teenage to adulthood his capacity to ejaculate increase from 5 percent to 100 percent in just five years. However, in women the same increase occurs slowly and gradually. That is why, the chances of orgasm in women is comparatively much lower and can never be 90 percent.

Why is the female orgasm inconsistent?

For years together, it was thought that a woman could not achieve orgasm because she was sexually frigid or had psychological inhibitions. Earlier it was also presumed that vagina was the main organ of sensation and that clitoris partly or wholly did not have much of sensitivity. However, today, sex experts have confirmed that the clitoris ultimately makes a female achieve orgasm and hence is also known as powerhouse of orgasm. It contains more than 8000 nerve fibers, which is highest in any other area of the human body. These clitoris nerve fibers interact with the 15000 nerve fibers that cover the complete pelvic area. This is the G-spot or it is supposed to be the most sensuous spot of female body that lies inside the clitoris. Since the roots of the clitoris are deeply attached to the internal vaginal area, they get agitated quickly.

The time taken for a woman to achieve orgasm varies however mostly it depends upon the distance between clitoris and vagina.

According to the study of Dr. Lloyd and Dr. Wallen the distance between the vagina and the clitoris may play a decisive role whether you achieve regular orgasm or not. Women with this distance less than 2.5 centimeters achieve orgasm far more time than those who have distance more than this. In this way, some women have anatomical advantage and are predisposed to experience orgasm more times during intercourse than other women who have different genital anatomy. That is why, majority of women achieve orgasm far less time than others.