5 ways to balance marriage and work

  • By Team TDO

For women juggling between home and work is very difficult, however the number of women preferring to go out and work have increased over the years. This is because a good career helps the woman establish her identity in the society and live a respectful life. Moreover she can give justice to her inherent qualities and bring out her best with the competition. A successful working woman is happy and statistics reveal that she can also keep her kids and spouse happy too.

More stable marriages

During the seventies when women started entering the workforce in large numbers, there was an instant rise in divorce rates. However over the past decade the divorce rates among working couples have declined. Today men have extensively adjusted to the challenges and thought of having a working woman as wife. Men too in many countries share the domestic chores and devote time to childcare so that woman can successfully handle both the tasks. However the main responsibility of home and children is still with the women.

Here are the five keys to manage your work and marriage successfully:

Finding the right job

You can ease out the stress of managing the work and home-front if you make the right decisions. Studies indicate that couples having access to less-demanding work have better sex and better relationships and hence are less likely to be stressed out. However in case the working hours are long, the situation can reverse. Hence it is important to find a challenging job over which you can have control, especially when you have small kids at home.

Adjusting the working hours

Most of the women have to leave their career halfway because their husbands work for long hours and there is no one to be with the kids. If the wife is also good at work, then the couple should take up jobs that provide opportunity to both of them to work, as it will keep both of them satisfied. There is a possibility that the husband or the wife may lose a bit on his income in this adjustment but ultimately it increases the chances of happier marriage.

The negative impacts of leaving work

If a career-oriented woman leaves her job due to family demands, it can shake the foundation of marriage or make her depressed in the end. Also taking a break means that you have to catch up very fast when you want to restart your career which is rather difficult. In such a situation, there is a huge wage gap that can lead to depression.

Working moms are good for relationship between kids and father

When father spends time to babysit the children, a closer bond develops between the kids and the father that is usually not possible in families with only a working father. Studies show that children raised with equal devotion from both the father and mother have higher goals and aspirations and are more empathetic.

A woman having a successful career is positive and confident about everything she does which ultimately makes her family happier.

Feel less guilty

A working woman usually feels guilty because she cannot spend much time with her children as a housewife. If the husband shares the duties related to grooming and developing the children then both the parents can be happy that they are doing their best for the kids.