Reasons why some people seem emotionless

  • By Team TDO

Beneath my tough boss’s rugged exterior lies a child searching for a buddy to giggle with. Pity nobody can see that!!! Why do some people hide themselves behind walls?

The Mask

The most common reason for people to act grumpy is that they have probably been emotionally brutalized in their formative years by an authoritative parent. This, in turn, has caused them to lock themselves up in a shell. The person is dying to let his emotions out, but can’t do so because of the mask. The disappointment at not being understood results in anger.

Some people may be naturally distant, and for them the finer and higher emotions probably don’t matter. These guys work, more generally, as light house keepers, morgue attendants, or hangmen- professions in which being emotional has no place.

There are the opposites too, who show so much of emotion that it is scary for others to take them on. Their emotional side is so overwhelming and demanding that they drive people away for fear of being discovered. They generally don a mask of humor and good cheer. In reality they are alone and scared, and perhaps hurt emotionally. So, they feel safe to display emotions to masses rather than individuals..If you meet such a person, then it is better to talk things out.

Of course, this all depends on whether you as a person are emotional enough to give someone a chance by understanding what drives them to do the things they do. The ice will thaw if the intention is genuine and well meant.