PorNOgraphy…overcoming porn addiction

  • By Team TDO

Porn is the only place that one can see so many naked bodies at once! That’s what makes pornography so stimulating and exciting and yes, very addictive too!Porn has been granted the exalted status of a regular addiction just like gambling, crack, heroin & alcohol.

Porn Ruins relationships

Real time relationships with the opposite sex require much time and effort & commitment. Porn doesn’t ask you for all that. At the flick of a switch you can have access to just about any depiction of sexual intercourse in every permutation or combination possible. So easy access is what makes porn preferable to the effort of wooing the opposite sex for a sexual encounter. Porn is also a great exaggeration of the sex act and often shows stuff that can be somewhat difficult to perform in real life. If these were possible in real life then who would have watched porn anyway?

The average Joe who indulges in porn as a primary form of entertainment is most likely to have ‘great expectations’ from partners in real life. This obviously will have a detrimentaleffect on his or her sex life as ‘Real Life’ unfortunately does not emulate art!

Not only teenagers, but most of adults too fall prey to porn forming the misleading beliefs, thus strugglingfor an increased penis size and an increasedthe sex time all their lives.

While porn can be a safe outlet for someone without a partner, there always is the danger that it can lead to failed relationships, increase in sex-related crimes, exposure to dangerous sexual behavior,and addiction. Porn addiction is a state where a person spends a lot of time collecting and watching pornographic material. Unlike other substance abuse, porn addiction can go unnoticed and shows no visible signs.

Saying NO to PorNO!

  1. Take it one day at a time. It isn’t easy to hit the delete button on porn films, especially when you have gone through such effort choosing your categories and assiduously downloading those films. So,if you start off your mornings with porn, resolve to watch it later. Gradually, lengthen the period and substitute that with some healthy activity. Read a book (Not Lady Chatterley’s Lover) or indulge in some other mental activity.
  2. Examine your relationships. Maybe you are not paying enough attention to real relationships which is causing you to go in to fantasy mode. Sometimes really introverted characters find it difficult to express themselves properly to the opposite sex. The resultant frustration and anger could then be the real reason behind porn addiction. So, where would you rather be? Watching someone else do it? Or you being in the seat of the action. So everytime you feel the urge to watch porn, just think of yourself as a voyeur and tell yourself that this is all unreal.
  3. Search for a de-addiction group in your neighborhood or take help of a certified therapist.Therapy can help immensely in identifying and managing porn addictions.
  4. Maintain a journal to see how well you are progressing without porn. Once you start weaning off porn, you have to encourage yourself to stick to it. It is going to be an uphill task to bid adieu to all those naked girls, so be patient.
  5. Go out and socialise. This way you can increase your chances of getting to meet someone and who knows, that someone might even make all your dreams come true!