Tips to deal with obesity

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi
  1. Stay Focused
    When you are overweight, everyone has opinions and advice to give. Not all of them are intended in the right way. Learn to accept all those sniggers and insults in a positive way. Let them become a source of encouragement which will make you work harder in your efforts to lose weight. When you surprise people with your weight loss, their open-mouthed gaping will give you joy that knows no bounds.
  2. Set Small Goals
    All the weight you have put on didn’t come to you overnight. It isn’t going to go away overnight either. So stop dreaming about losing several kilos in a month as the advertisements for weight loss declare grandiosely. Make small targets that are more achievable.
  3. Be Patient
    Stop weighing yourself every now and then. Exercising and eating right will help you lose weight, but it does require some time. Do not get demotivated by people who claim to have lost more weight in a less span of time. Chances are they could be bluffing. Besides, every body type is different and responds differently to exercise regimes.
  4. Do not be too hard on yourself
    Losing weight is a gradual process. Stick to your diet plan judiciously, but do not become too strict with it. Remember, one extra piece of sweet won’t destroy your diet plan completely, neither will it make you fat again. Do give in to temptations occasionally.
  5. Keep yourself surrounded by positivity
    Family and friends are the greatest support system. Look up to them for positive criticism and appreciation. Avoid people who demotivated you and make fun of your efforts to lose weight.
  6. Eat Right
    What goes into your mouth is the major factor deciding whether you will be obese or not. Make sure you never skip meals. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water per day.
  7. Eat Smart
    Avoid buffets where you will be tempted to have ‘a little bit of everything.’ It will only end up with you hogging. Also avoid the ‘combo meal.’ They may give it to you for an ‘unbeatable price,’ but most of it is filled with food you don’t need. Think again, do you really need those extra fries and free soda?
  8. Sleep Well
    Studies show that sleeping for less than 5 hours at night makes you put on 2 ½ more belly fat. People who sleep adequately put on slightly less than that.
    Sleep right to keep your weight in check.
  9. Avoid Comfort Food
    Food can be a big comforter when one is feeling sad or stressed. People who look to food for comfort are 13 times more likely to be overweight. Avoid this problem by chewing a chewing gum or drinking a glass of water when you feel stressed out. Do not keep your fridge stocked with stress-buster food. Not having the comfort food around helps in fighting the temptation better.
  10. Late Night Snacks
    Having a late dinner and frequent midnight snacks are bad for your body. A recent research found that people who ate after 8 PM had high BMIs and also took in most of the calories. Eating late means your body has to work overtime to digest the food when you are sleeping. Eating late also increases your chances of acidity and you end up eating more in the morning to compensate for this acidity.

Obesity is a problem that has to be dealt with carefully. The underlying issues need to be addressed. Patience and dedication are the only things that will help you get your weight back on track.