Weight gain and aging

  • By Sahana Rajan

Your body physically declines at a certain rate per year after you are 30. The cardiovascular functioning also reduces every year once you have hit the 30-year mark. The muscle mass also reduces. Stress can also lead to weight gain as we tend to binge on comfort foods to relax ourselves and prefer to eat than to take up exercise due to our fast-paced lifestyle. Factors like gender, exercise, muscle mass, and calorie consumptions are primarily responsible for weight gain in old age.

There are different ways in which you can make sure that you do not gain weight as you grow old. Firstly, start increasing the mass of your muscles. This can be done by taking up strength-training for three times a week. This will allow you to retain a healthy appetite without gaining too much weight.

Secondly, if you are already 40 and still eating a non-balanced diet, then you should be hearing the health-alarm sounds! It is time to shift to a healthy balanced diet! Do not skip breakfast and make sure you have meals at regular timings. Reduce the amount of alcohol you consume and also put a limit-button on the sweetened beverages like coffee.

Thirdly, you cannot just quit eating and start dieting because food is essential for our bodies to function and dieting will be detrimental to health. So, the main idea is to watch what you can eat so that you maintain an acceptable weight. You could begin by choosing whole-grain carbohydrates, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Also, make sure you include a low-fat protein snack and meals. Potato, potato chips, processed meats and unprocessed red meats are the main reasons for weight gain. Fourthly, it is best to continue at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise four times a week.


Those cookies we munch with beverages throughout the day lead to a substantial weight gain. Try cutting down on the munches that accompany your drinks. Shift to water or a diet soft drink rather than sweetened beverages. If you like sandwich, then quit the cheese and choose tomato and lettuce. Do not pick up packaged fruit drinks; instead, drink 100% fruit juice. Consuming a healthy appetizer will cut down on the calories you might take during the main course.

Did you know that you can improve your health and increase the strength of your muscles by 55% through exercise and training your body? Thus, a healthy lifestyle coupled with physical exercise can keep away the pounds.