Why do most people lose at losing weight?

  • By Team TDO

The reasons of failure are as follows:

  1. Not drinking plenty of water.
  2. Due to overstress at work, need to overcome stress through yoga and meditation which helps in weight loss
  3. Being lethargic, you should be active all the time, walk wherever it is possible to walk nearby, use staircase instead of lift, take a break from your work and move around in between.
  4. Not playing outdoor games or sticking at one place in front of TV or computer for hours.
  5. No proper exercise plan, like walking, going to gym, swimming, at least do exercise for half an hour on a daily basis.
  6. Avoid deep frying of foods instead roast or steam the food it helps in weight loss.
  7. Eating lots of junk foods and drinks.
  8. Keeping long gaps between meals, and stuffing it more later on.
  9. Skipping breakfast.
  10. Not giving enough time for you.
  11. Not making a strong determination for weight loss, not deciding how much you want to lose in how many days.
  12. Thinking dieting is just on temporary basis.