Obesity and under-nutrition: A paradox?

  • By Team TDO

Today’s lifestyle is highly fast paced. Every day is a race against time. Amid all this hectic frenzy, we hardly find time for ourselves. Sleep and Food are among the first ones to take a hit. Fast-foods catering to the fast lives are the life savers. How many times have we grabbed a sandwich or a burger at lunch, because we don’t have the time to eat a proper lunch?

Most of the times, we skip breakfast too. Such bad eating habits makes us dependant on fast-food. It wrecks havoc with our bodies’ metabolism causing fat accumulation. These foodstuffs have no nutrition in them and they are laden with empty calories.

There was a time when people did not have enough to eat and so were undernourished. Now is the time where people have too much to eat and are yet undernourished. There is a new term for this-Malnutrition.

When we speak about malnutrition, we speak about bad nourishment and this can be both over nutrition and under nutrition. Malnutrition depends on several factors: inadequate intake of protein, essential fatty acids, other micronutrients and the resulting infections and disorder. Malnutrition in growing kids can affect them both mentally and physically.

There are a lot of people who look overweight or even obese, but they suffer from nutritional deficiencies. The empty calories they consume leads to fat accumulation and deprives them of other nutrients.

Looking fit and healthy is important. Fat is unhealthy, fat is bad.

We are what we eat. So paying attention to what we eat becomes vital for us to lead a healthy life!!