A page out of an obese person's diary!

  • By Team TDO

Dear Diary,

I am 25 kilos overweight. Soon I shall be officially obese. Obesity is a disease. It scares me to know that I am diseased!

All my life I have been fat. I have been teased by my school mates, been called names, even bullied.
I remember going home every day from school with tears in my eyes. Nothing that anyone said was ever enough to console me. Food was the best comforterand I had loads and loads of it! Little did I realize then that it is just adding to my problems.

Then came college. The hardest time of my life!I was always the loner. I was never socially acceptable. Who would want friends with a fat ugly figure with a huge tummy and double chin?
My only solace was that I was good at studies. But that didn’t help me socially. I was still without friends. I was becoming a social recluse.

Later I read that too much stress leads to the release of bad hormones that make you put on weight!!
And to think of the amount of stress I have been through all these years! I decided that enough is enough and that I have to do something to lose weight and gain my life back! I started with dieting. I got a diet chart made for me. The dietician took all aspects of me like my age, height, weight, BMR (metabolic rate) into consideration and wrote out a detailed plan for me.

I was surprised after seeing that. Following what she was telling me to do would require me to eat every 2 hours! That is essential, she told me. It keeps the metabolism going and doesn't allow the food to get converted to fat. But wasn't I doing exactly that all these years? That is when the concept of ‘healthy eating' dawned on me. Out went the burgers and in came the fruits!

Dieting isn't easy, friends! The temptations that you have to fight! But I must sayit is all worth it in the end.

I also started going to the gym regularly. How my muscles ached and how I cursed my instructor every day for putting me through the torture. But I knew I had to do it and only I could do it. No one else was going to lose my weight for me. And after all this time when I see my weight on the scales, the smile that comes to my lips is worth all the pain in the world! I call my instructor my angel now!

I had to sleep on time now. I had not slept on time for ages and spent late nights in front of computers chatting or watching movies. All the efforts work only if the body gets time to repair and relax.

Drinking water regularly and that too about 2-3 litres a day was mandatory. Water had never been so vital to my life before this.

I also read upon the good effects of meditation, a friend of mine suggested a place that teaches meditation techniques. I joined them. The difference in me is very evident. I am a lot calmer now. I have found inner peace and happiness.

After all my hard work, I bask in my glory when people compliment me on my weight loss. I have discovered small joys in life, like going to a shopping mall and buying clothes off the rack!

I lost weight and gained my life back! You can do too. Stay positive, stay healthy!