Diabetes and marriage

  • By Team TDO

Marriage is an important phase for every human being, both men and women, diabetic or non-diabetic. An adolescent boy or girl getting married will have apprehension about his physical, emotional and psychological capacity and capability of leading a normal married life. The issue becomes much more when he/she is Type-1 diabetic taking insulin. My first advice is not to conceal the fact that he/she is diabetic. Many of the parents of a diabetic disagree with this advice and try to conceal the fact and later get into problems.

The problem is when to inform, to whom, how much and who should inform? Parents or the boy/girl are the best persons to inform before marriage. I have seen many marriages ending in divorce, as the diabetes was not revealed before marriage. Many times the person with diabetes stops insulin around marriage time or takes insulin in washroom, hiding the fact from spouse. Marriage is a lifelong trust on a person with whom you are walking in your future life. Never lose trust from the beginning.

Remember, a person with diabetes can get married and lead a normal happy life as good as a non-diabetic. The parents of diabetic girl are worried whether their daughter can get married, have children and whether the child also is likely to get Type-1 diabetes. There is no need to worry, as a girl with diabetes can get married, get normal healthy child and lead a happy married life, both qualitative and quantitative. Most of adolescents with diabetes in our hospital who are of marriageable age are married and most of them have married a person without diabetes. Many of them have children who are as healthy as anybody. Sometimes the parents of a diabetic ask for a match for their son or daughter from our diabetes registry and we help them to find a match from our database of diabetes registry.

Rarely, I have a seen a boy with diabetes marrying a girl with diabetes, as the parents feel that only a spouse with Type 1 diabetes can accommodate understand the problem better.