How to know if you have diabetes

  • By Team TDO

Every disease has its warning symptoms which should not be ignored. Diabetes is one such disease in this list. Here are a few symptoms which prompt diabetes:

  1. Diabetic people often complain of increased frequency of urination, extreme hunger and blurred vision. These three are the most common symptoms of uncontrolled blood sugar. Diabetic people should always do regular monitoring of blood sugar levels so as to avoid any complication. Nowadays with the advent of medical fields there is machine which you can keep at home and do a self check-up of blood sugar at home whenever you want. But this does not mean that you shouldn't visit your doctor.
  2. All diabetic patients are at a greater risk of developing foot sores. So you should take care of your foot, bathe it in warm water daily & apply moisturizer before going to bed as dryness of skin will lead to cracking & infection.
  3. Diabetic patients are also prone to suffer from swollen or bloody gums. Diabetic patients often take a long time to heal as compared to non-diabetic people.
  4. Diabetic patients should undergo regular eye check-up as they are more prone to develop eye problems. There can be sudden changes in vision eye pain, spots or a light appearing in front of the eye and vision loss.
  5. Fungal infection is very common in diabetes.
  6. Also diabetics are at higher risk of developing Cardiovascular disease.
  7. Diabetes is a multi-system disorder and to cope with it you should know some warning signs of the disease.