Dental care is important for diabetics

  • By Team TDO

Diabetics must take care of their sweet tooth and their other teeth.

You know that diabetes can affect the whole body including eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart and the teeth too. A diabetic person because of poorly controlled blood sugar favours bacteria to thrive in cavities of mouth. Diabetes also impairs the action of WBCs as they help us defend against bacterial infection in the mouth,so diabetic people must take important care of their teeth.

There are many dental problems associated with diabetes. Diabetes if not under control, can lead to dryness in mouth because of decreased flow of saliva. This dryness favours soreness, ulcers, infection and tooth decay. Diabetic people are more prone to develop gum inflammation, i.e. gingivitis & periodontitis.

Diabetic people who are on antibiotics for various infections are prone to develop fungal infection in their mouth and tongue. Because of the high level of sugar in saliva of people with controlled diabetes, the fungus can thrive easily. This fungal infection is called as thrush, which causes burning in the mouth or tongue. Also, there is poor healing of oral tissues after any oral surgery or dental procedure in people with uncontrolled diabetes.

Diabetic people who smoke are at higher risk to develop dental problems as compared to a non-smoker.

Diabetics should practice good & healthy dental practices. Diabetics should always keep their blood sugar levels normal and should have periodical dental visits. Your dentist should have all the details of medication that you take so that he can prescribe you medicine which will not interfere with your diabetic medication.

You should not undergo any dental procedure if your sugar isn’t under control;however, in cases of acute infection, treatment can be done immediately.

You should undergo oral checkups at least twice a year. You should use soft-bristled brush too and brush teeth after each meal along with dental floss once a day.