Prevention and treatment of diabetic ulcers

  • By Team TDO

Prevention of the ulcer is very important because once an ulcer is formed it is very difficult to treat it. The first ulcer can also predispose the foot for more ulcers. Sometimes the ulcers can become infected and can even become fatal if proper care is not taken. Diabetic ulcers are one of the most common reasons for below knee amputations.

Prevention and treatment for diabetic ulcers:

  1. The person has to keep looking at the feet for the presence of any red spots. These red spots are the first sign of an ulcer. Adequate inspection of the foot each day will help in early identification of ulcer. The nails have to be cut in proper method to prevent them from causing any complication.
  2. Wear adequate protective footwear with soft insole and a hard outer sole. It should have adjustable straps and also a back strap.
  3. The individual should avoid walking bare foot as this can complicate matters and cause ulcers.
  4. Proper dressing is very important in an ulcer to prevent it from getting infected. Various dressing materials are used to help in cleaning and covering the ulcer to prevent infections.
  5. The best method of curing an ulcer is complete rest. If the foot with the ulcer is kept on the ground and the patient walks, then it will make the ulcer to become big.
  6. In people who have an ulcer, but rest is not possible, the foot can be kept in a total contact cast. This will help to keep the ulcer on the foot from being unnecessarily mobilized. This immobilization method is commonly used to help treat an ulcer.