Baby on board - Dos and don'ts when flying with toddlers!

  • By Team TDO

Here we give you a few tips for flying comfortably with your baby!

  1. Make sure you have all the stuff the baby needs: Prepare a check list of things the baby needs regularly, well before the journey. Check if all the things in your list are packed. And then recheck.
  2. Take-off and landing: This can be a bit stressful on the baby’s tiny ears. Time the breastfeed or the bottle feed with the take-off and landing. This helps ease the pressure on the ears.
  3. Ask for a seat with more legroom: This is very crucial as babies don not like to be confined to a place. Also it will help you to accommodate your huge baby bag.
  4. Keep your phones charged: If it is a long journey, the baby is bound to get distracted and on the flight there is not much you can do to keep your baby occupied. So keep the mobile charged so that it can help entertain your baby for a while.
  5. Timing the flight: You know when your baby sleeps. So if possible book your tickets in such a way that the major part of your travelling is covered in the baby’s sleep time.
  6. Bathroom before boarding: Try your best to get your child to go to the bathroom before you board the flight. If your baby is on diaper, make sure you change it into a fresh one before boarding.
  7. Patience : Always keep your cool and try to keep the baby engaged in some or the activity to make the trip uneventful.