When to hit the gym at teenage

  • By Sanjay Akolkar

As a teenager, undoubtedly, you must be in the process of developing body awareness, sometimes even painfully so!

You possibly look up to your favorite film star pin-ups and dream of looking just as fantabulous, and of course, not to mention, you dream of making a big hit with the opposite sex as well! Well, you’ve got a lot of work on your hands then! And the best way to do it is by having a positive self-image about yourself! That largely depends on how healthy your body and mind are. So, if you are in your teens and your doctor gives you the OK then it’s time for some bodybuilding or gym training.

Yes, you can start weight training when you are about 15 years of age. Some body builders have even started off training as early as 13 or 14. Mind you, the gym is a temple where you are going to learn the fine art of disciplining and maintaining your body. The lessons that you learn in here will serve you well in later life.

The things you have to remember.

  1. Always get yourself checked for health conditions before you enroll. This is very important from the point of eliminating the possibilities of any health conditions later on.
  2. Look for a reputed gym or health club and ensure that you begin a workout under the supervision of your instructor. Do not follow your mind and experiment with heavy weights until your instructor gives you the thumbs up.
  3. Most teenagers give up gym after a couple of weeks because they can't see appreciable results or a difference in their physiques. What did you think? It takes time for your body to start responding to an exercise routine! It all depends on how regularly you work out, plus many other factors like, whether you are following a diet plan and resting your muscles as advised by your gym instructor.
  4. It's fun to work out with a buddy. That way, a gym routine won't be boring and you can both motivate each other to compete healthily as you build those awesome pectorals and biceps.
  5. Use varied routines so that hitting the gym doesn’t become a drag. Of course, your trainer will know the best thing for you. Your routine should alternate between weights/dumb-bell exercises for shoulders and chest for two days, and abdomen and back for the rest of the week.
  6. Don't forget, stretching and warm-up exercises are very important. They may not seem as cool as the rest of the weights that you lug, but believe me warm-up cannot be underemphasized or overlooked as these eliminate injuries, muscle tears, or sprains and help tone the body.

Well, while hitting the gym is a good thing to do, mind you, if some other exercise catches your fancy, i.e., yoga, running, cycling, then by all means do that. Don't enroll for an expensive gym membership just because that is the in thing to do. Exercise is important and whether it is a gym or hill climbing or even working out at home...remember to do it because it is good for you and not because somebody else does it.