Get the couch potato out to play

  • By Team TDO

Kids in the modern day are increasingly getting lazier and unfit. Watching TV, playing games on consoles and smartphones, and spending time on social networks is eating into time which would otherwise be spent playing outdoors.The lack of exercise comes with a host of problems, which can affect kids in childhood or later on in life.

Therefore, parents must encourage kids to exercise by being an example. However, do keep in mind that there is nothing that will bore a kid than treadmills or lifting weights. Playing sports is often the better way to go.

Give aerobics a try

Aerobic exercises can help kids to stay fit and also can be fun at the same time. The common perception is that aerobics involve dancing a set pattern. However, aerobics is any exercise that increases your oxygen intake. Outdoor activities can include basketball, cycling, soccer, swimming, tennis, walking or running

Along with aerobics, children should also do stretching exercises, which help in improving flexibility, allowing muscles and joints to bend and move easily through their full range of motion.

Getting your kids excited

It is important, however, to communicate with your child the need to exercise.

You could encourage them to take part in outdoor games at school as well as in the locality where you stay.

You should regulate the number of hours your kid can spend in front of the TV or PC. This way she will look for means to play outside the house.

You can also play with them yourself. It will be fun for the both of you, as well as helps you bond with your child.

Exercising for at least an hour a day is ideal, and it broken down into chunks of 15 minutes at a time.