Is your kid shy?

  • By Team TDO

Many children don’t gel with other children of their age group. They may hesitate to go out or visit new places, or they don’t response to someone who is new to them. Shyness can inhibit a child’s learning ability and social skills. Such kids adopt an isolated lifestyle which keeps them from making friends.

Parents can help their children to manage shyness. Here is an approach that one could take.

Stay in touch with teachers

It is important that parents stay in touch with teachers by regularly attending the parent-teacher meetings. Compare how your kid behaves at home to his behaviour in school. Take a note of the activities which the kid avoids in the classroom. Work out a plan with the teacher.

Don't judge your child

Keep negativity to a minimum. Empathize with what your child is going through. Be compassionate and understanding which will help your kid enhance his social skills and help him connect with others.

Lead by example

As we know, our kids inculcate habits based on their observation of parents and other elders. So set an example - interact and mingle with strangers, participate in social gatherings and offer your help to others

At home, you are the teacher

Teach your child about basic social skills which may include greeting their elders, responding to conversations, shaking hands, and making eye contact. Teach them outdoor games, which include a lot of players. Organize kids’ parties at your home.

Encourage your kid to participate in school activities

Encourage your child to participate in the school events, functions, and competitions. It will build confidence.

Avoid labels

Calling your child shy will only worsen the condition. On hearing this, a child feels something's wrong with her, and this will make her feel even more shy. Instead, acknowledge her feelings and point out that she can overcome his fears.