Boost your child’s brain development with puzzles

  • By Team TDO

When we were young, we used to solve puzzles, because they were a lot of fun. However, research has proven that puzzles help in the brain development, especially of young children. Solving a puzzle also helps a kid to boost his confidence.

Advantages of puzzles

Puzzles help develop problem solving skills and critical thinking in kids who have to think of all possible ways to fit the piece in the right place.

It also helps develop communication when kids try to explain what kind of pieces they require. Hence, kids must be encouraged to solve puzzles in groups.

Many puzzles are designed to improve the child’s mathematical skills. He learns to categorize and organize pieces and is able to classify and label the pieces as well.

Puzzles help in hand-eye coordination. While playing, a kid focuses on which piece to pick next and also placing the pieces in hands simultaneously.

Mosaic puzzles improve the child’s creativity and imagination. The various colors and shapes of mosaic pieces stimulate the brain cells and encourage prolonged interest in the kid while arranging the pieces in endless designs.

Kids also learn to persevere when they play with puzzles.

Puzzles also stimulate reasoning skills and abstract thinking when the child finds different ways to put the pieces together to complete the big picture.

They also help building the child’s memory as he tries to recall what shape, color, design or size the pieces were while building a puzzle.

Puzzles enable strategic thinking in a kid. He learns to set small goals, works out various strategies, and implements them.