Massage your baby the right way

  • By Team TDO

It has been a tradition in India to massage newly born babies to make their muscles and bones strong. Grandmothers love to massage the infant, and prefer oil over lotions and creams. But new mothers get confused while massaging their baby, when they have no elders to guide them on how to massage a baby.

So, here we are with some useful tips for new moms to help them massage their baby in the right way.

  1. Remove bangles, bracelet, watch, ring or any other accessories, you might be wearing before giving your baby massage, as it may hurt the baby.
  2. Cut your nails if they are long and have sharp edges. A baby’s skin is very delicate, and can get cut by your long nails.
  3. Before starting the massage, make sure you are ready with baby massage oil, tissues, towel, diapers and fresh clothes.
  4. You can choose from oils like vegetable oil, almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil or any other good baby oil available in market for massaging the baby. You should consult your doctor to find which oil will suit the needs of your little wonder.
  5. If the baby is asleep, don’t wake her up especially for massaging.
  6. Place a soft carpet on the surface where you will massage your baby. Spread a towel which is furry and soft so that the baby doesn’t feel cranky.
  7. Warm the oil before massaging, using warm oil is more effective in massaging. Be careful that the oil is not too warm.
  8. Start massaging the baby by applying the massage oil and gently rub the oil on the baby’s body.Take little oil and apply it on various body parts. You can start from the hands, then legs, then back and then stomach.
  9. Use gentle but firm upward strokes while massaging your baby.
  10. Apply only light pressure and make clockwise circles with your palms over your baby’s tummy.
  11. Massage you baby’s arm and legs with your forefinger and thumb forming the shape of a ring, encircling your baby’s arm. Begin from the armpit and slowly move downwards.
  12. For massaging the baby’s back, lay her on her tummy and then give her soft strokes on the shoulders and back in circular motion with your fingertips. Don’t massage the spinal cord and neck area as they are very delicate and can easily get hurt.
  13. Massage the baby’s scalp with your fingertips, but be very gentle. Avoid the fontanelle, the soft spot on top of baby's head. Massage the baby’s ears with your thumb and index fingers. Gently touch baby’ eyebrows and eyelids. Then work your way down her face to her nose, cheeks and around her mouth.
  14. Do not massage the baby at the places where they have got injections or vaccines as it might hurt.
  15. Keep talking to your baby or sing her a song.This will help engaging the baby who will be less cranky.
  16. After the massaging is done, giveher for a sponge bath.
  17. Do not feed your baby immediately after massaging.