Health benefits of adventure sports

  • By Seema Verma

Free falling from 12,500 feet, the blood rushing to your head, adrenaline pumping in your veins, the wind gushing across your face, and a view that you cannot forget- Geronimoooo!

Thrown onto the rocky river bed, cold water washing over all your senses, your raft your only savior and thrill screeching out of your throat – Wohoooo!

Adventure sports are the fast rising craze in India and worldwide. They test every fiber of your being- can your heart handle the fear, can your mind handle the anxiety, can your body handle the extreme environments, can your spirit endure?

If your self-preservation instincts have kept you away from adventure sports then read on to know how they aren’t just great confidence boosters and feathers in your hat but also really good for your health.

Great to de-stress:

The thrill experienced during adventure sports puts a great perspective to things. The joy experienced after completing a fete is great for the body. It induces dopamine in the brain which is a natural compound found in the body. This makes the sports great stress relievers. So the next time you need to take a break and de-stress, head out to your nearest adventure club!

Lose the extra kilos:

Adventure sports aren’t for the undisciplined and physically weak. One of the key requirements of adventures sports is a fit body. Imagine trying to climb a peak but your body not supporting you. Given the extremely addictive nature of the sports, you will find yourself looking after better. Your diet will be healthier and you will find you are exercising to ensure that the body is agile, flexible and absolutely fit.

Healthy Muscles:

Adventure sports test your body at extreme levels. You could find yourself rappelling down a cliff or parasailing above your favorite beach. In either case, your body is the deciding tool that will make the activity enjoyable or painful for you. This means that exercising to keep all your muscles fit and strong is a must so that the first thing you feel during these activities is not pain but exhilaration. The other plus side of these exercises is that they relieve joint pains and the well-kept muscles keep the age old pain free.

Healthy Heart:

Adventure sports not only makes a heart courageous but keeps it healthy too. Taking a holiday is always nice and makes you forget all the worries and stresses of daily life. A thrilling adventure sports holiday has a clutter breaking effect on the usual thoughts that swarms the mind. This keeps the blood pressure from rising and keeps you in a relaxed but enthusiastic state.

Natural Surroundings, Naturally You:

Since most extreme sports need high mountains, deep valleys, cliffs, gushing rivers, muddy terrains, icy peaks and the likes, they are naturally situated far away from human habitations. Thus, they are free of pollution and offer clear, pure air to breathe. The city’s tall buildings are usually replaced with tall forest tress and mountains or unobstructed expanses of land. The clean air and natural visual surrounding are both extremely good for the health.

Besides being great for health, adventure sports bring in a lot of discipline, help you conquer your own fears and test your limits. They are a great means of channelizing bottled energy and most importantly instill a better appreciation of beauty of life!