Smart era smarter fabric

  • By Team TDO

No, we aren’t talking about suave party dresses or elegant business casuals. Here are some clothing sensations capable of monitoring your health that is in the market or are about to hit the market. The smart garments across the globe are targeting health conscious folks, fitness freaks, athletes, healthcare professionals, and fitness trainers, as well as consumers.

Here we present the finest and smart line of skin-covers up for grabs:

  1. Prolonged training smart shirts: Machine-washable specially designed fabrics with more than 12 hours of battery life are fit for the sports professionals who are tracking their progress round-the-clock. Few smart shirts measure breathing rate, oxygen consumption, cadence, i.e., number of steps while running or walking, and almost everything regarding heart rate. Calories burnout can also be measured with ease with such fabrics. Majorly the packages come with high-performance,long-hours monitoring & recording, Bluetooth connectivity, and the apps compatible with IOS and Android. Some fabric scan even be used to track sleep hours as well so as to monitor progression of fitness though intense physical training.
  2. Athletic fitness apparels: Professional athletes use such super advanced smart clothing and fitness apparels. The apparels are equipped with electromyographic (muscle activity) sensor, heart rate and breathing monitor and a well-fitted data receiving core. The IOS - compatible apps smartly analyzes user’s every move towards perfect fitness and the subtle bodily functions in real-time such as muscle utilization and even muscle exertion. The precise analysis of the exercise output is visible and evaluated in real-time with the app with ultimate ease.
  3. Professional data acquiring smart wear: This range of smart textiles is far more concerned with complete health of the user as its fit, breath ability, and skin comfort enhances performance ability as well as the cosmetic aspect with its climate control & moisture management features. The provided data recorder locks comfortably in the range of clothing, making them smarter and cooler. High storage, water resistant battery to support 1 day constant usage takes the high-precision recording device quite near to perfection for a fitness freak. The Android-compatible app, apart from the other common features, offers even a “push-score” to the user to evaluate how hard the training is exercised.
  4. Smart garment and Smart Trainers: Smart shirts and smart track pants are the simplest and easily wearable, enabled with high-performance, high-accuracy sensors spread throughout the arms and abs part of the shirt. These garments can even integrate a partner’s workout levels for comparison, apart from the commonly found features. The IOS compatible apps make the user contend as compared with an earlier version.
  5. Nano tech sensor stamps: A highly recommended one for the runners and the marathon community, nano tech sensor stamp enabled fitness garments are soon to be available for the public.
  6. Next-gen shorts: These are shorts for for runners and cyclists to improve techniques and reduce muscle injuries. They are powered with the innovative measurement technologies. The comfortable elastic textiles make the movements easier and the push-button batteries make noting of every move of the thighs or the hamstrings simpler. The devices with their data storage and analysis are powered by cloud services.
  7. Smart textiles: Smart clothing technology manufacturers have spread their wings overs various clouds. Products like conductive gloves for safe and precise smartphone screen handling, LED wire & button integrated clothing, durable & lightweight comfortable heating wearable for colder adventures, electromagnetic radiation protective textiles, etc are available. There are a few suave Bluetooth connectable clothing equipped with vital sign monitors, weight monitors etc. However, some of those are available only in bulk orders and through major corporate deals.
  8. Infant health monitoring kit: Products of high performance and technological furtherance are not only for the adult crowds. The monitoring device chipped in the toddler out fit sis one with amusing looks and IOS and Android compatible. It is capable of tracking sleep status, breathing irregularities and positioning of the infant’s body. This can be a wonderful way to monitor the infants.
  9. Smart socks: The smart sock is definitely a one-of-a-kind praise-worthy smart garment available in variable sizes that easily slides over the child’s feet. The uniqueness is in its high precision features of real-time heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter (that tracks oxygen levels), and the Base Station device that can communicate to the parent’s iPhone in case of slightest emergencies.