10 weird home remedies to avoid

  • By Team TDO


If you keep a bowl of onions in the room, it will shoo away the flu. This peculiar home remedy has its roots in the 1500s when people believed that onions have the power to suck out 'deadly air' which causes plague. Thus, it is said to have the ability to keep diseases away from people. However, such an idea is simply empty talk. When added to soup, onions can help to reduce the symptoms of cold and flu. They also remove the obstructions in nasal passage.


Rubbing a copper coin over bee sting can reduce the pain and swelling. No scientific research has proved that rubbing a copper coin can diminish the pain and swelling due to bee sting. However, Aloe Vera gel works great on the sting and reduces the inflammatory reaction that the bee sting starts. Apply it over the sting three times a day to fix the sting.


If you sprinkle white flour over a burn, then it will heal. No tests have proven that white flour can heal burns. There are many other home remedies that can help with burns and wounds. For instance, application of honey and wet tea bags on the burnt area can relieve the pain on the wounds.


If you have build up of wax in your ear, you can place a candle-shaped beeswax cone, light it and when the cord burns out, remove it. This will remove the wax as well as other unnecessary elements in the ear. Such a remedy is very dangerous, as it can lead to loss of hearing. Many people end up with burns in their auditory canal and eardrum, whose treatment is delicate and costly. You can use a tissue paper to simply wipe off the wax on the outer part of the ear and meet a doctor for removal of excess wax.

Jennifer Smullen, Instructor of Otology and Laryngology at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston says, "Ear wax is a natural lubricant for the ear. It waterproofs the ear and it has an acidic pH, so it helps in preventing infections." Keeping in mind the merits of ear wax, in case you believe there is build-up, it is best to get medical attention than to resort to any weird home remedies.


You can give a teething baby a pinch of whiskey to calm her/him down.

Firstly, the alcohol cabinet is never a place to find solution when you are dealing with a baby. Secondly, the whisky does not help the teething process. What you can do is to give the baby a frozen toy which will help to numb her/his gums and soothe the pain.

HOME REMEDY 6: You can use butter on burns to reduce the pain and heal the wound. Butter might have a temporary cooling effect but it begins to melt fast and can also cause infection in the area. Always use an antibiotic ointment on a burn after cleaning the area.


Urine can cure acne. Many people believe that application of urine on acne area can heal it. No tests have proven urine to have such powers. It is best to meet a dermatologist and get medications prescribed.


You can use dirty socks to fix sore throats. If you are bothered by sore throat, get hold of the dirtiest socks around and wrap it around your neck. Moreover, you can also heal the throat by placing bacon on your throat before going to sleep. None of the these home remedies have any scientific validity. If you are suffering from sore throat, then you can take an anti-inflammatory pill (on doctor's advice) and try gargling salt water.


Tobacco is a good treatment for earaches. Do you have an earache? Buy some chewing tobacco. Procure 2 tablespoons and wet it. Then place it on your ear. It is also said that you can fix the ache by smoking into the ear. These remedies are complete quack with no credibility, and were probably created by a bunch of intoxicated people. If you are suffering from an earache, you could have a bad infection or an illness related to your brain. Fix an appointment with ENT doctor immediately.


You can use chocolate and garlic together to get back your lost memory. If you have lost your memory and are trying hard to recognize the faces of your buddies, then dip three garlic cloves into chocolate and eat them daily. While in theory this seems to make a little sense (garlic and chocolate have antioxidants that protect the brain cells), but in practice, this remedy is a hogwash.