Dance your way to good health!

  • By Team TDO

Let’s face it, not everybody loves to work-out or go to the gym to exercise, not everybody loves walking and some do it merely as a chore rather than a way to stay fit and stay in shape. Dancing can seriously be a boon for this kind of people who hate to exercise but love to waltz albeit not in-sync with the music. Dance is not merely a mean to lose weight but it also doubles up as a stress buster. Various forms of dancing have known to be extremely beneficial to help you stay in shape and also lose a few extra pounds without really going to the gym and working out. Don’t believe what you are reading? Well read a little further along to know which dance forms can help you stay in shape and in a good mood without really breaking a sweat.

Now that we are all aware of why dance is important to help you stay in shape, let’s look at what dance forms help serve your purpose the best. Let’s face it, not everybody is a born Shakira or Michael Jackson. As far as dancing is concerned, some are born with one right and left foot while others are simply born with two left feet. Some are in-sync with the rhythm and the steps while some are not but that should not, in any way, deter you from dancing away. Here are some dance forms which are easy on the feet and hard on the weight.


Well, imagine yourself shimming to the fast paced beats of the Latin music, packed with a lot of drums and percussions, this dance form of Cuban origin can surely help you in more ways than one. For starters, Salsa can help you tone up your hips, legs and your derriere and not just that depending upon how fast you dance, it can also help in lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. As an additional benefit, it can help you burn calories ranging from 200 to 400 a day.

Hip Hop:

Think Hip-Hop, think Snoop Dogg or 50 Cent or may be even Jay-Z or Kanye West. Hip-Hop, the most popular dance form amongst the young crooners, is now taking centre stage, where staying fit and in shape is concerned. Regarded as a high intensity form of dance, it is known to help you shed those extra flabs and make way for a new and chiseled you.


Think Zumba, think dance party, Yes, that is how you can best describe this dance form. You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy this one and you also don’t have to go the gym to learn this dance form, you can do it at the convenience of your own house, thanks to the Zumba DVD’s that are available. A combination of Latin American Dances, Bollywood and Middle Eastern forms of dance, it is a sure shot way of helping you stay in shape and staying fresh and pleasant all day every day.

And we have saved the best for the last

Belly Dancing:

The dance of the exotic and sultry sirens, this dance form is a sure shot way of helping you stay flexible and stay in shape and lose the flab. Belly dance is one such dance form that will help you tone up your stomach, thighs and your bottom. It also helps you get and maintain a curvy figure. With music and beats that leave you lusting for more, this is one way to enjoy and stay in shape.

Apart from these dance forms, there are also other forms such as Ballet, Aerobics, Bharat Natyam, Kathak and Hula Hoop that can help you tone up and stay fit and chirpy all day every day, without really breaking a sweat. So don’t wait, get your dancing shoes on, for a fit and a better you.