Phantom workout can help you lose weight

  • By Seema Verma

It was regular Monday morning for Pallavi as she was getting dressed to go to office unknown of the fact that was about to come face to face with her. The jeans she bought a month back spending almost 50% of her salary, no longer fitted her. It seemed as if it belonged to somebody else. Remembering what a health freak she used to be, she immediately left all her work, took a leave from office and started browsing the internet for result oriented workout regimes that guaranteed weight loss in a short span of time. It was at that very moment that she came across a new word called Phantom workout. It interested her and she started digging more information about that regime. She came to know that it is a 3 step routine regime that involves rigorous workout sessions with different exercising methods on each level.

What is Phantom workout?

Phantom workout is designed by Kristen Ebenzer, a strength coach, who is practically based in Bengaluru. This type of workout session is bifurcated into 3 routine levels and none of the exercising techniques re-occur in any of the levels. This helps in keeping the interest of the person intact and adds a surprise element to the workout making it more fun to follow. It focuses on the entire body rather than a particular part. It involves high-energy and rigorous exercises and offers comparatively little time for rest. The 3 levels incorporate functional as well as weight training like bear-crawls, dead-lifts and push-presses. It gives a shock to the body by offering new exercises. The body takes time to adjust to new techniques and in the process more fats gets burned. It increases the level of the strength of the body and enduring power of the muscles.

Can Phantom workout help in weight loss?

Phantom workout is a rigorous workout regime that has different movements, resting times and exercising orders, thus it can be tiring. It is needed to incorporate a healthy eating habit in the daily routine in order to burn more amount of fat in a comparatively shorter span of time.

Some people think that following a crash diet or quitting food completely will them achieve their desired weight. But that is not the case at all. In order to lose weight in a healthy and long-term way, a proper balanced diet has to be followed. Eating 6 small meals a day, consuming more and more green leafy vegetables, drinking loads of water and avoiding junk and oily food are some of the things that can be followed to lose more weight. Only working out alone will not solve all the problems unless it is followed by a proper eating habit in order to achieve the desired weight.

“Health is Wealth”, goes an old saying and keeping in mind the present hectic work-schedules, a good workout regime has become more desirable than even material wealth. Phantom workout has proved time and again that is satisfies the health related goals of the people in a very short span of time. Then again, it will only be deemed beneficial if it is followed with proper sincerity and dedication on the part of the person following it. So work out the Phantom way and get in shape quickly and easily.