Prepare for the childbirth with prenatal yoga

  • By Team TDO

Prenatal yoga is now popular more than ever thanks to celebs like Lara Dutta who followed it during her pregnancy. It is an easy way to relax and prepare your body physically and mentally for child bearing, labour pain and delivery. It also improves health of the new born.

Benefits of prenatal yoga To stay in shape: Prenatal yoga helps you maintain a curvy figure before your pregnancy, during pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Strengthens your muscles: This age-old method keeps you agile, tones muscles, and improves balance and circulation to reproductive organs and uterus without much impact on your joints.

Prepares you for childbirth: It teaches you deep breathing, which helps you relax and calm down at a time when it is much needed. It helps you face the physical demands of labour, birth, and motherhood much more efficiently.

Reduces stress: Yoga helps the body deal with stress by slowing the breathing rate and keeping blood pressure normal, which can benefit new moms after the baby is born.

Connects you to the community: Yoga not only helps improve your physical health, but mental health as well. It provides you with a positive environment and helps you connect with other pregnant women, who can give you a regular emotional boost and keep you motivated to exercise.

Best Asanas for prenatal yoga Twisted Pose or Vakrasana: Exercises the spine, legs, neck, back, and softly massages the abdominal organs.

Angle pose or Konanasan: Makes the waist more flexible and helps controlling the fat in the region.

Butterfly pose or Bhadrasana: This is helpful to make pelvic muscles and muscles of inner thigh strong.

Extended hand to toe pose or Hastpadangushtasana: Makes muscles of pelvis and thigh stronger.

Chair pose or Utkatasana: This makes pelvic muscles strong. Do these yoga poses under proper guidance of a trained yoga teacher. Do not try them yourself at home.