Winter water woes

  • By Dr. T Deepa Porkodi

Here's how you can beat the chill to quench your body's thirst :

Drink warm water :

When you are shivering in the cold, drinking cold water would be the last thing you would want to do, and naturally so. Drink a glass of warm water instead. You end up getting a little warmth inside you and also quench your thirst.

Drink small sips :

When you are heated up and are sweating a lot, you can finish off several glasses of water at one go, but the winters see you sweating very less, and in such conditions, you do not feel like gulping down large amounts of water at a time. Instead, keep sipping little amounts of water at regular intervals. This will do the trick - it will keep you hydrated and not take a great effort from you.

Drink Soups :

Soups are a great way of replenishing your body's water levels in winters. They are hot and yummy and you may find yourself going for second helpings. Your body will be happy too when it finds its water levels replenished.

Water after tea or coffee :

Tea and coffee act as diuretics and make you visit the loo often. In winters, tea or coffee will make you feel great, but your body doesn’t need a drop in the water level due to you peeing more often because of the caffeine. So, drink a glass of water before or after you have had your caffeine fix.

Switch to herbal teas :

Green teas and other herbal teas are warm and also have the water content required by your body. Why not opt for them instead of caffeine-filled tea or coffee?

Cook your veggies soup-style :

Try to bring innovative changes to your cooking. You can make your vegetables a bit more watery than usual. This helps in refilling your body with water.

Make a point to have water-breaks :

Winter times may see a boost in your productivity at office as you may not be indulging in the frequent coffee breaks and office gossip during winter. Why miss out on the fun? Keep getting your regular breaks, just switch coffee with water!

Drink when watching TV :

The time when your daily soap comes on TV can act as a reminder for you to finish a bottle of water.

Fresh Juices :

Freshly squeezed juices with no added sugar help to bring back the water levels to normal in the body. Freshly squeezed juices taste great, and by not adding any sugar to it ensures that you don’t end up dehydrated.