Foods that you should not eat daily

  • By Dr. Shalini Kapoor

Foods that are delicious and tempting make you addicted to them. However, many such foods are more harmful than nutritive and make you put on weight, trigger inflammation and zap the energy from you. Hence, it is advisable that you exclude such foods from your daily diet. Many medical experts even recommend throwing them out of your kitchen, so that you are not tempted to touch them. So, which are the foods that you should not eat daily?

Stick Margarine

Unless there is a healthier version of stick margarine, almost all, commonly used stick margarine is loaded with toxic trans-fat that leads to an increase in your levels of bad cholesterol. Other health disadvantages include, the lowering good cholesterol, promoting clotting, and damaging blood vessels. One tablespoon of margarine contains 100 calories, which certainly is quite huge, considering the calories it will add on to your waistline. If you do want to use margarine, you should opt for the soft tub variety which is a trans-fat free product, having lower calories. You can also use zero-calorie whipped butter instead of the stick margarine, to complete a particular recipe and it will still taste just as good, sans the health disadvantages.

Many foods that have been used in daily diet since ages are not really good for health. It is important to include only those foods that are rich in nutrition and less in calories, into your daily intake.

Cold drinks

The sweet taste of soda is because of the presence of either corn syrup with high-fructose, or sugar. So such sodas are nothing short of liquid candy that carries loads of calories, but no nutrition. Other health disadvantages include formation of cavities, teeth damage and weakening of bones. Hence, instead of drinking sodas to quench your thirst, you can use good old water or flavor it with seltzers to get the feeling of drinking soda.

Whole Milk

Whole milk contains saturated fat that is known to promote inflammation, increase bad cholesterol levels and lead to clogged arteries. It is also very high in calories. Instead, you should switch to skimmed milk, which is fat free or soymilk that is a low fat alternative. These, are much healthier options that can make your diet more nutrition rich, while decreasing the calorie count. Both the low fat and skimmed milk provides you with all the good stuff that your body needs from milk such as potassium, vitamin D, calcium and protein, without adding too many calories.


Bagels come in large varieties and flavors including poppy seed, onion, garlic and more and are made from refined wheat flour, which is starchy and devoid of any fiber content, as a result of which the bagels have no nutritive value, whatsoever. Since they are dense in calories, bagels should be avoided from your regular diet, at all cost. One standard bagel contains calories equal to five slices of white bread. So, replace bagels with sandwich thins, whole grain English bread or muffin, or other similar yet healthier options. If you are tempted to try a bagel, opt for one made from oat bran or whole wheat. Use heart healthy butter to add more taste.

Toaster Pastries

The toaster pastries are an integral part of the breakfast table in most of the households. However, health experts opine that you should never start your day eating this calorie-loaded stuff. Since the pastries are made with tons of sugar and white flour, the energy they provide is empty and without any nutrition. A whole wheat breakfast option like a pita pocket, spread with peanut butter, is much better. You may even stuff the pita with strawberries and bananas and make it even healthier