Curb your snacking binges now!

  • By Team TDO

Don't worry. We have some quick and effective ways for you to get over that uncontrolled ugly urge to binge on snacks:

  1. Eat 3 main meals of the day viz.breakfast, lunch and dinner on-time. Then plan healthy snacks throughout the day at regular intervals in small portions. Do not skip meals or planned snacks. Skipping nutritious foods will only make you feel uncontrollably hungry.
  2. Avoid buying any unhealthy snacks. Do not fill your kitchen cupboard with cheese-curls and potato chips. Make a habit of reading the back of the food’s packet. Check the fat content. If it is over 5% per serving, choose a different snack. Look for the salt content too.
  3. Choose some healthy snacks like low-fat cookies, popcorn without butter (you can buy butter-flavoured salt), a bowl of fruit with a spoonful of honey, fat-free pudding or a bowl of raw veggies.
  4. Try a non-caffeinated herbal drink with honey. Drink before eating and eat snack only if you still feel hungry after a drink.
  5. Engage your hands in knitting, puzzles, cross-stitch, playing, painting your nails or some house work to get your mind off the food.
  6. TV and computer will only make you binge more. While browsing or watching TV, we feel like doing something and that something is most of the times snacking. Also most of the commercials are about food. Take up reading instead of TV.