Discovering the importance of enzymes

  • By Team TDO

Enzymes are proteins that catalyze a chemical reaction. All functions in the human body need enzymes including digestion, respiration, transportation and detoxification.Deficiency of enzymes experience a sort of deficiency or a malfunction that can lead to serious illness.

The digestive and antioxidant enzymes are the two types that are very important for us. Digestive enzymes help break down and absorption of nutrients. Antioxidant enzymes protect body from attack by free radicals. Further categories of digestive enzymes are amylase, protease and lipase. Saliva, pancreatic and intestinal secretions contain amylases and they break down sugars or carbohydrates.

Digestive and antioxidant enzymes are secreted by our body. These are present in fruits, vegetables, sprouts and fat containing foods. These are heat sensitive and are destroyed on cooking.

Enzyme production capacity decreases with age and one might need enzyme supplements.

Things which are considered while taking enzyme supplements:

  1. Consider the source: plant-based, animal-based or extracted from microbes. Vegetarians want to find enzymes that are extracted from a plant or microbial source in a vegetarian capsule.
  2. Supplements made of single enzyme or mixture of enzymes. Single enzyme supplements like bromelain can be used as an anti-inflammatory. Mixture of enzymes is good if needed to be taken for digestive purpose.