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Is it just another healthcare site?

We believe that healthcare is all about wellness and fitness and not only about illness and diseases! Healthcare is about being proactive rather than reactive and hence our focus has been to provide you with the best of health information to allow you to take care of yourself and stay healthy, wealthy and wise!

Our mission is to bring to you the best of content created by healthcare experts, in an easy to understand, visually appealing format, as a unified experience through mediums which you use in your daily lives - web and mobile.

So, it is not just another healthcare website but, an entire healthcare ecosystem that gives you an opportunity to connect with doctors and health providers who are enabled by our integrated platform to provide you with the best of healthcare services at your convenience.

What can you expect from us?

The content at Topdoctorsonline has been carefully created by experts through a painstaking process of research, keeping in mind your daily healthcare needs.

In the midst of your busy and hectic lifestyle you tend to ignore or not have the time to take care of your health. What we bring to you through innovative technology is healthcare at a click!

What you can expect from us is aone-stop destination that will answer all your daily health queries and guide you on your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

What makes us credible?

We have a team of highly qualified people who have many years of varied experience across industries and have collaborated together to bring you these smart solutions.

A mix of professionals ranging from in-house doctors, specialists and super specialists from different fields of medicine, creative content writers and journalists, technology and media experts and last but not the least pharma and healthcare marketers.

Topdoctorsonline is a healthcare portal promoted and managed by Medisurge Technologies Private Ltd. a healthcare content and technology Company with a vision to bring healthcare information to the palm of your hands and the desks of your homes.

In fact, our objective to provide you smart healthcare solutions is reflected in the logo of Medisurge Technologies Private Ltd. which is a brain made up of building blocks and symbolizes the thought that we put into bringing you the knowledge to make you "feel health".

Key achievements & Strengths of Medisurge Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


  • Medisurge's Health Platform - Finalist mBillionth Award 2013
  • Medisurge - among top 8 finalists of QPrize 2012
  • Medisurge covered in PwC mHealth flyer -2012


  • Connected with healthcare fraternity - 6,000 practicing Doctors use our digital solutions.
  • Copyrighted content across text, imagery, and audio-visual mediums, medically ratified by team of specialists in the industry.
  • Other products in market - Mobile Apps, SMS/IVR products

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